2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

(OMG, has “nice pick!” been a running gag this whole time? I apologize if I took it at face value in the past and gave anyone grief over it!)

Aaaargh, I feel like I should know that! Looks so familiar…

And yet, games like Frozen Synapse and Heat Signature and Duskers and other games come to mind and I know it’s definitely none of those. Aaaaargh.


Not Synthetik 2!

Five Nights at Freddies?

Not Five Nights at Freddies!

Ugh. I still don’t know what it is. I’ll just guess whatever to not go crazy. The Division 2?

Nice pick! Tower of Time?

I don’t remember if it was in one of the 2021 best-of threads or maybe the Quarterlies, or maybe like a hidden gems post about the last Steam sale, but someone somewhere said something about a game that was “like the hacking parts of Deus Ex but made into a whole game.” This makes me think about that, but I can’t for the life of me remember the name.

I think that was Solas 128 wasn’t it?

Not The Division 2! Not Tower of Time! Not SOLAS 128!

If I remember correctly, it IS the game someone said was the hacking parts of Deus Ex as a whole game. So… in what other context would we have been talking about that?

Oh right, it’s the other one. I don’t really get another guess until a new frame comes up but I’m pretty sure I know what we’re talking about.

Alright, couple good reasons someone should get this now:

Midnight Protocol?

I think @tomchick won this one ;)

You’re not wrong. :)

That’s it! Been playing it since I got it in Humble Choice.

Well done, @vinraith. I am pretty sure you didn’t need Tom’s well-timed top 10 to get this one.

Indeed, I didn’t actually see Tom’s list until after that guess, though it was certainly effective confirmation. :)

Anyway, new frame:

The Riftbreaker

Damn, that was fast. Color palette alone?