2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!


No correct guesses yet.

I request more water be revealed. :)

In that case, second frame:

Looks like God of War 4.

Monster Hunter Rise?

I think you are right but if not I am going to guess Kena: something something


It is Monster Hunter Rise, the PC version. And it’s pretty awesome. :)

Your turn, @vinraith !

That’s the game I’ve watched @Jason_McMaster eat lots of meals in, and sometimes kill monsters.

I can’t get the Bunny Dango song out of my head.

That does indeed sound like Monster Hunter.

What’s funny is, looking at the revelealed screenshot, I’d swear that was World if it weren’t for the dog.

New frame in a bit…

Here we go:


Gorogoa ?

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap?

Good guesses, but none right yet.

She and the Light Bearer?


Rupert the Bear.

Some interesting guesses but still no winners. Here’s some more: