2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Got it in one!

@fox.ferro, you may post your Orc Massage frame now.

I’ve never heard the name of the game before. What is going on here.

The environment was a dead giveaway. Something about the lighting is very Gunfire Reborn.

It does tickle me that I’ve apparently claimed so many Qt3er’s orcginity. A brave new world of interspecies erotica awaits! (Oh, the joys of allowing adult only suggestions on steam.)

Since you gave us a crosshair, I will return the favour and give you a square. And, umm… some blurry stuff. Cuz it looks cool this way.

It does look cool.

Heavy Rain Tactics.

You’re not even trying anymore.

But great pick!

(Edit: For those that’d prefer it without the laugh track)

David Cage’s is the tragically misunderstood king of videogaming comedy.
His works remind me of the first Sakura Taisen game, where you could be rude and fail so pathetically it was hilarious.

That video would have made a wonderful trailer.

Chaos gate


i o u 1 gif

~signed foxxxxxy

Othercyde or something

Yeah, pretty sure it’s Othercide.

It is indeed, purple tentacle pretending to be @thischarmingman

pew pew pew

It’s a pretty cool tactics game with a really well executed aesthetic and some interesting gameplay. Your all-female team of demon slaying Daughters fight using actions centred around pushing enemy turns down the timeline instead of cowering behind cover. Your Daughters never passively heal, so be wary of attrition (your interrupts here always come at a cost of a small amount of health), but you can sacrifice one to heal another and maybe bring across some interesting buffs in the process. Somewhat overlooked but I enjoyed it.

Two games I never heard about in a row :O

I remember I wanted to play it but then of course I never did. Perhaps now that it netted me this sweet win in the frame game I’ll finally give it a chance.

Indeed, it’s like the forum is slipping when keeping track of new games.