2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

This one I know!

Good, I was thinking of you

Songs of conquest

As my French friends would (partially) say, that background is “painful”. Get it? Full of pain (bread in French)? Hahaha?

I’ll show myself out.

As for the game, I kind of recognize it, but I will say nothing. For now.

Omg i just repeated what you said, I’ll post more pain tomorrow

Cook serve delicious 3 ?

No, no, here’s less pain, more calmare:

Is it one of the Shantaes? I’ll throw out Half-Genie Hero because that’s the only one I know the name of.

It isn’t, although it looks almost as good.

In support of the theme of the thread to introduce people to new fetishes: Rottytops is the best.


Not shantay,

Not Shantae but it’s in that genre. Kind of.

Interesting pick. I played it a bit, but have yet to finish it.

I just got back to it after not getting that far initially. It really is a good one of those.

Breadhole 4.


It’s because you were lazy. You have to knead the bread dough multiple times, and let it rest for a long while in between.

Big holes=lazyass baker=untasty bread.

Good thing I never registered on one of those answers sites.

Peggle 2?

Not peg(gle 2)

Ok, more, not that I think it’ll help:

Wonder Boy? The new one after the Dragon’s Trap remaster.

I had to do some googling, but it is indeed Wonder Boy no, wait, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom that did come out the year after the remaster you mention!

I’ve no previous experience with the series. It plays very well, and it’s pretty smooth sailing progression-wise. One little complaint is that changing gear is quite fiddly, and some gear actually does really change how it plays.