2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

highest version number ever? :O

Hand of Merlin ?

Yup! I’m really surprise no one got it before.

Yeah , I only realized it after browsing the Hand of Merlin thread, where @Brooski had posted a couple of screenshots last year.

Here we go:

Hidden Folks

And that is a correct answer! It is Hidden Folks!

I’m so good at this game.

Final Fantasy X?

You’re so good at this game.

I didn’t even bother making other frames, as I knew this would go at once. The colour scheme of that game is so distinctive.
I freaking love the shops.

Yep, the fashion in that game is so unique. Fairly reined-in Nomura designs, which is where I like him best.

I’ll get a new frame in a bit, once I find a game.

Belt dresses are all the craze.


@SadleyBradley Poke.

Aha! I was making the frame as I got the ping!

An unchecked for spelling version of Plundered Hearts.

Robin Morningwood Adventure

You’re just hoping for someone to question whether this exists before bombing the thread with some lewd content, aren’t you foxy ¬_¬


(pity we ain’t doing gifs tho)

I actually tried to do a guess the gif frame, once upon a time, but it was an insane amount of work — and wouldn’t have fitted nicely in the 2MB generously provided by Discourse.

It’s easiest if you just save/export as a .mov or .mp4, then upload to giphy which will convert it to a gif. As long as it’s less than 30s long (or 100mb), it’s all good.