2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Sounds like somebody got plans :O


Donut County?

@SadleyBradley More?


Oh dang it, I know this game.

It’s the robot-programming one.


More did not help!

The Colonists?

EDIT: probably wrong, because The Colonists looks better than that…

I had to search my steam library for “auto” because I knew it started with that.

It’s Autonauts.

I hope that’s not too much cheating.

It is that!

You’re up, @Nightgaunt !

@Nightgaunt Poke.

Here yar!


It is indeed! Well spotted, lordkosc! One of the less tossed-off projects from the Sok Pop collective. And maybe the only game so far to take its inspiration from Cultist Simulator?

Hmm, can’t think of anything to post right now, is @Scotch_Lufkin free to fill in?

You bet, here we go!

Planet Coaster?

Not Planet Coaster!


Not Sifu!