2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

How long have you been sitting on that screenshot for just this occasion

16 days, 10 hours, 53 minutes and 32 seconds. (approx. but who’s counting really)

I think I know where it’s from, although for wrong reasons.


You know your taint, @Mark_Crump!

I played it on gamepass a couple of weeks ago. Don’t know if I’d recommend it but at least I got a laugh out of the dialog (and got to the ‘record last 30s’ gamebar feature quick enough to capture the moment for your esteemed consideration). Too bad I wasn’t looking at something more exciting than a bunch of rocks at the time, but the start of the game is pretty brown. Like, Quake brown.

The brown is a delicate allegory of what it is to feel someone’s… taint.

ok. My entry

Steel Division 2?

Risk (longshot)


To Both

Twilight Struggle?


it is a board game implementation.

Putting a new image up

Looks like an Axis and Allies?

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I can never tell how fast these will go, but here’s the first.

Oh man, I know I know this one. I’ve played tons of it. But I’m drawing a blank!!! ARRRRGH

Dungeon Warfare?

Not Dungeon Warfare