2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

World of Xeen

Ooh, I think Left_Empty may have it.

I’m sure Left_Empty got it!

So is Kyosho!

I don’t know about that. It might be Isles of Terra.

I don’t think the life gems went up to blue in III?

Nicely done! The M&M series, along with HOMM, were a mainstay of my younger days, going to the beginning with mapping ‘MY NAME IS SHELTEM’ on graph paper. I loved the silliness of it all, going from fantasy into sci-fi and eventually just being able to level up and steamroll so much.

Released 30 years ago, this is the 4th in the series, and the animation, speech, humor, everything (except for the broken weapons and armor) was a joy to behold, especially being a fairly new convert from the Commodore 64.

The game’s aged superbly, and I had even more fun playing World of Xeen a few years ago than I did playing III back then. The way the game lets you steamroll, as you said, was just a joyful and silly power fantasy.

Thank you @Left_Empty and @Kyosho . I was going crazy not remembering the game, and of course, it’s M&M! I did play that one (not a lot, but enough to remember those parts of the interface, though not enough to get it immediately). :)


Exseed Jade Penetration?

Great choice

Neverminding the unsettling title Gigglemoo dropped and that I won’t even look up to see if it’s real…
it’s a game Chappers is so good at, apparently.


It’s a good series of shump! lol

What an… interesting combination of words!

It’s not Fable, but quite an intriguing guess there.

It is very glowy and bloomy, which is a look I associate with Fable. Or maybe Fable 2. or 3. I don’t know. I never played any of them.

This is clearly not it, but how about Flower? I’m sure some people played their PS3 on old 4:3 televisions.

This looks like an attack that would be named Cherry Razor Blossom or Lotus Storm in some kind of JRPG.

That’s kinda what I’m figuring, too, based on the guy doing the frame. :D