2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Looks like it could be from an FMV in FF14.

It’s in-game, and it’s not a JRPG.

Jade Empire?

Not quite.

Monster hunter: sun something

Not at all.


Okay maybe not that big, but still…

I was about to say Darwinia, but now with the horned-skull-face I have no idea. One of those Quake-inspired games with an all-caps name, like EXHUMED? (made up name, if it’s real: I win a separate prize!)

The unfortunately named Powerslave has been EXHUMED (also on the Switch). Looking forward to playing it someday. But that’s not it.

Looks like that horny fella from Neon White.


None of those (what are those?).

Uhhhh, Onimusha?

I just went down quite the mental rabbit-hole of late N64/Dreamcast and then mostly PS2/Gamecube/Xbox-era games with circular UI in the bottom-right. This one looks somewhat familiar, but not entirely. I kept thinking of more games with circular UI in that corner, on and on, looking each of them up on Mobygames in turn. None were whatever this is, but I lost interest in trying to figure this out (it was going to cheating-territory anyway), and was just seeing how many more I could come up with. Man, that really was the era for that sort of UI, wasn’t it? Some sort of fad that I never realized was a thing.

I’ll add that this one is particularly uninformative – which shouldn’t surprise anyone given the developer.

Or the poster. =)


The UI reminds me of Ninja Gaiden Sigma but as @Kyosho mention it was the interface choice of the PS3/XB360 era.

Nah, dont look for excuses: i posted it to my test panel (I’m not even joking, probably something is wrong right there) and it was guessed in less than a minute by someone who had played the game.

@chappers should help, sincev apparently he had it figured on the first frame!

I took another looked at the screen shot I think I got it. I’ll wait since I guessed already.

It wasn’t a guess: you were trying to help others!

And more importantly i have nothing left to post :0