2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

In that case, Otgi?


It is the wonderful Otogi, a game that aged particularly well and plays so much better in high definition than it used to on standard TVs!

I have fond memories of Otogi. Didn’t sell very well if I remember.

Edit Frame 1 incase anyone missed it

I don’t think anything From did sold well before the souls explosion. Also yeah, their love of the og Xbox obviously didn’t help!

I think King’s Field and Armored sold reasonably well for it’s time. I remember loving King’s Field.

Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don’t Dry would seem the obvious choice, though I’ve never played any of the LSL games.

Not LSL or any of the series.

Streets of Rage 4?

That’s a great guess and very close. I might’ve picked a game only 3 people played though

I haven’t played it, but I remember Steam recommending it to me repeatedly in sales a couple of years back, while I wasn’t back into the genre yet, and it seemed very edgy and I’m a very easily impressed person.


Sorry! Got a little busy last night with the new deck.

Okay, I think I lost this one. Full reveal.

Okay. The game is Mayhem Brawler. Is it possible for @Scotch_Lufkin for help me regain my shame? As in setup a new frame?

Woah it’s much more recent that I thought, althought it did use a couple of the assets seen on that screenshot. And I can’t recall its name still so whatever!

No problem. Mayhem Brawler looks really cool, if nothing else it’s a fun way to discover a new game for everyone else, when someone “loses” the frame game we all win. :)

Stardew Valley?

Yea, that’s gotta be Stardew Valley.

Not Stardew Valley! :)