2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

I see people are making popular guesses, but it’s none of those. Not even Populous.

I love that guess and that game, but this game is not that and it’s not even close to that.

Frame #2 coming…

The Magister?

Nice guess, but no. Frame 3:

Cicidan Dice?

Close enough. It’s Circadian Dice, presumably because it can be detrimental to some people’s circadian cycle. ;)

This is a pretty interesting game. Kind of Slay the Spire like, but with dice instead of cards. And it works pretty well, even if it is a lot more vulnerable to RNG than its obvious inspirations. It’s pretty cheap too, so it gets a recommendation from me.

Well, @Hereafter , it’s your turn!

I thought it was One Deck Dungeon for awhile but the artwork was just too clean. I’ll try to get something out tomorrow if that’s okay.

Tigris and Euphrates

Great guess! But nopie.

Quick hint. This game isn’t Orc Massage.

I’m surprised no one got this. Thought it was extremely popular!

Lets reveal more of the interface

Symphony of War


I couldn’t place it yesterday, but I fired it up for the first time this morning since buying it at launch and then just now recognized the movement grid!

another game I never heard about, I must really be out of the loop if it’s popular!

I’m a young hip person who play all the games the other cool people play.

There was a thread about it here is actually how I found out about it. Don’t you check out new threads? :)

I’m travelling right now. I will need @left_empty 's help.

I actually don’t check new threads often, and I specifically avoid those that mention Advance Wars!
Which is a shame, because Symphony of War got really nothing in common with that game but anime people talking, and it actually looks very sweet. Thanks for bringing it to one’s attention, @Hereafter!

I’ll be refraining from picking my usual stuff, as I fill in for lazy Chappers who always skips on his forum duties to go work.