2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Yeah, it is Cult of the Lamb. Barely got started but I really like the whole vibe of the game. :D

Your turn, @GreenWeej !

Well dang it, I have one I’ve been wanting to try out but I’m currently working away from home.

So I’m passing my turn to the first person who gets an image down in here.

Well don’t everybody post all at once lol.

If nobody has one I can get something up sometime tomorrow. :)

Okay, let’s see how my first try goes.

That Famicom super long nose goblin game

Planet of the Apes

No goblins, no apes.

Looks like an SCi Sierra game, but I think that’s just the look of that era. Either way, I’ll toss out Leisure Suit Larry 3.

No leisure suits, possibly Larrys.

The statue of Liberty seems way too small, but what the heck, Nintendo Punch Out when he’s running?

Good guess. I remember that scene with Little Mac well. :)

Agent USA?

This game came out a couple years after Agent USA. It only has two characters.

don’t let @tomchick see this, he will be calling it out for incorrect spelling.

Spelling checks out to me. But if you guys get a Game Frame Pronunciation game going, you can bet that’s one I’d win!

Last frame before the reveal.

Jordan vs Bird?

Nice job! There actually was a Larry involved.

That is not how I saw that frame panning out. I was expecting some kind of crazy golf game.