2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Is that that surfing game on Playdate? (since I think it is, I’ll Google the title) Whitewater Wipeout


It is Whitewater Wipeout! AKA, the surfing game from T&C Surf Design for the NES, with 1-bit graphics and controlled by a crank!

Nice job, @nijimeijer! It’s your pick!

Nice pick! Niche platform, but the platform itself creates memorable visuals by design - a perfect storm for the frame game.

I’ll get something tomorrow.

Yeah, I didn’t know how many folks had played the game, but figured the format of the screenshot would be a big clue, and I picked Whitewater Wipeout because every Playdate owner would have seen it, since it’s one of the first two games in the season.


Okay, here goes -

Last Call BBS?

That is some fine guessing from not a lot of reveal! Like so many others, I deeply enjoyed the model building portion of this game. I booted it up just for this shot; otherwise, all of my models are painted in both color styles (where applicable), as pixel perfect as I could make them.

Haha, sorry it was just a little too familiar (though I wasn’t absolutely positive I had the right game, just that I had played it recently). I am definitely among those who went deep on the model building game in that.

Oh crap, I need to find a new screenshot! Hmmm…

That was impressive!

That was amazing, I couldn’t even make out the colors lol.

Okay, what’s this from?

Card City Nights 2?

Nope! Here’s some more:

that Trumpet game?

No, but a reasonable guess!

Lord Winklebottom Investigates.

It’s not, but I wanted to post that game’s name because I just ran across it and loved it.

There is no Lord Winklebottom here! (Isn’t Lord Winklebottom a giraffe? So it’s not just the name that’s goofy.)

What else could Lord Winklebottom be?!