2022 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

Papa Sangre? (assuming it s not discourse bugging out and displaying only black)

There’s a little thing displaying on the right side. I can’t tell what it is though.

I’ll guess Little Big Adventure 2.

It seems all pitch black here, but I am on the phone.

oh got it! had to open the image itself. I ll guess Guild of Dungeoneering then

Thanks! I was looking for something that might not be super well known but SHOULD be, and this has a distinctive enough art style and color palette I was confident someone would catch on soon enough.

Puzzle Pirates?

Nope to all current guesses.

Kingdom Rush?


Deus Ex?

The Banner Saga?

Nope to the current guesses. Here’s the next shot -

Oregon Trail


oxygen not included?

Pirate Quartermaster?

Prison Architect?

No to the next set. I’ll get the next frame up in the morning.

Rusy Lake Hotel?

Pharaoh, the city-builder?

Next shot! I think this will be the giveaway. None are really that close in most ways, although a couple are edging into the neighborhood.