2022 - Year of the Monkeypox


No Contagion? The first hour of that film is pretty damn good.

Outbreak I guess has more monkeys in it, but also has a competent CDC and incredible well implemented (and perhaps draconian) infection control / quarantine system. That makes the movie too fantastical, so for those reasons, I’m out.

Are we not men?

I remember in the early 2000s some kid in maybe Wisconsin got monkeypox when his dumbfuck parents let him have a pet prairie dog and it bit him. Everyone was watching to see if it would spread, but it didn’t.

Last night in my WoW M+ group we had two PhDs in microbiology. My wife and our guild leader. The GL pointed out that Monkeypox had mutated from a DNA virus to an RNA virus. This was considered a big fucking deal and not something that happens often.

Well, I’m not going to worry until I hear what Joe Rogan has to say about it. I can’t say I put a whole lot of faith in microbiologists.

Well, duh! If they were any good, they’d be MACRO-biologists, amirite?

I haven’t seen anything suggesting that this version of monkey pox is an RNA virus. I would be surprised if they would even call it monkey pox if such a dramatic change had taken place.

Certainly is such a thing had happened, it would be a huge deal. RNA viruses mutate at a rate of like a million times more than DNA viruses.

Yeah, macrobiologists are a big deal!

He’s so relaxed and cool and he’s just asking questions for fun

I just looked for this DNA->RNA idea, and this Nature article (which says monkeypox is a large DNA virus, btw) says “almost all” the cases have been among men who have sex with other men, a detail I had not seen in other articles.


They’re putting prairie dogs up each other’s butts, aren’t they? Can’t say I blame them.

[edit]That doesn’t make you gay, though.

Either your guild leader is trying to scare you for no reason, or he or she misunderstood something badly about MPX. Because we’ve already got some genome investigation results for the current outbreak, and it looks very similar to a strain identified in 2018.

Balasarius, was the guy sitting funny in any way? Did he mention burrows or prairies at all?

It would be funny if humanity was ended by a disease called “monkeypox.” Can we make sure to erect a big monument out of granite or something so if aliens come by in the next ten thousand years they can have a laugh?

The sapiens were the monkey pox all along.

hehehe he said “erect”

Only a matter of time now.

All I want out of a pandemic is for a well meaning nurse to release a very earnest YouTube video with incredibly bad advice about washing your produce with dish soap. Are we at that point yet? That’s my favorite part.