2023 also has plenty of WTF?!?!? moments.

I’ll kick this off with something light.

Sulky Florida man binges on KFC after losing national election, becomes meme.

… Not that Florida man, this (newly minted) Florida man!

Now you may ask what was a former president of Brazil doing in a KFC. You have to understand. He’s been living at Mar-a-Lago for a while now. And what do you think they serve ar Mar-a-Lago? Right, diet coke. Nothing but diet coke. He asked Trump “just give me a Pepsi”. And Trump’s like here have a diet coke. But Bolsonaro is all “please, all I want is a Pepsi. Just one Pepsi.” but Trump wouldn’t give it to him. He didn’t even want the chicken. He went to KFC because all he wanted was a pepsi.

Just a Pepsi.

For truth, justice, and the American Way, so help me Rao.


If he has been living at Mar-a-lago, Trump has almost certainly scammed all of his money away by now, so all he can afford is KFC. Plus he is sick of burned steaks with ketchup.

God damn it, I can’t tell if you’re joking about any of that! FUCK THIS TIMELINE!!! I even looked up KFC’s menu to see if they served Pepsi and they do. Won’t somebody please hit the reset button on reality?

Plus, like, a million to whoever chose the photo for that article.

I had no idea that pig erections were such a priority.


Well, the makers clearly think there are a lot of pigs out there who need help getting it up. After spending some time these last couple of days watching CSPAN I think they are probably right.

“Small government!”

Small enough to drown in a bathtub, but you only get to watch if you give us your SSN, blood type, and bank account + routing number, you sick little pervert.

All the former Pepsico holdings still have Pepsi contracts.

I actually double checked that before constructing the joke.

In case anyone else was curious, that 133 vote speaker race (which took 2 months) was in 1856.

I eagerly await the data breach the reveals over half the state legislature’s porn watching habits.

Confirming that the GOP’s goal is to take things back to the 1850s.