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Hah, you got it! Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! would be the correct title. I knew I had seen that somewhere.

There are four Holy Potatoes! games, and “Holy Potatoes! A Workshop Simulator?” sounds like it could easily be one.

I guess @SadleyBradley is the winner? But @rhamorim technically said the actual name first. ;)

I say @SadleyBradley is the winner. He got the game right, I just corrected his tongue-in-cheek remembrance of its name. ;)

Can I punt to @Scotch_Lufkin ?

Sorry, I clocked this and then completely forgot about it until just now. I’ll get something up here in a bit.



Not quite!


That carved snake seems familiar but I’m at a loss to place it.

Same. Waiting for more.


Getting a bit more interesting hre, let’s see if this distinctive stone butt-hole helps!

Spelunky 2

You got it!

I’m impressed, I went with a pretty obscure screenshot of mine, from a level that’s pretty tough to get to, so kudos to you, sir!

I actually never seen this, I suck at this game!

But I remember our talk about the graphics of the sequel versus the first one before the game’s release, and how they felt plain to some of us, including me, a point with which you disagreed… and rightfully so, I must admit, since the graphical style of those small bits immediately screamed “Spelunky 2” to me! Ah, the irony…

I completely forgot about that discussion when Spelunky 2 was coming out, what a fun circle to come back around on!