2023 Video Game Frame Game - All Games and Frames Welcome!

Well, considering the much improved sequel should be out sometime this year, maybe don’t buy the current version? :) It should be fairly cheap though, so feel free.

Anyway, as I said, it’s a super interesting game. It tries to make fighting games more accessible and it has some pretty interesting ideas in that area. And the IP it is based on is huge in Asia, but not as well know here in the West. So there’s that.

it’s actually still pretty expensive this sale

@rhamorim Poke. You’re up.

Final Fantasy XIV


Left Empty got it before I even posted any frame. :D

Jokes aside, let’s go. Not my screenshot, but I have in fact played this one.

Aer? Except the colour palette is wrong for that, I think.

Interesting guess, but it’s not Aer. I guess I’ll post the second screenshot already:

No guesses? Next frame time! This one should make things much easier…

Darksiders 1 ?

That does look rather like War from Darksiders 1, same with the minimap too. So, I would say Lordkosc’s chances of being correct are pretty high.

Of course. The “Warmastered Edition”, to be precise. :)

I bought my first XBox 360 gamepad for PC in 2010 specifically to play this game, and I’m glad I did, because it was a fantastic experience. I also had never played any Zelda games (never had access to Nintendo consoles), so it was a novel experience in so many different ways. I caught myself remembering parts of it recently, but I’m playing other stuff at this time, so I grabbed someone else’s screenshot for this.

Your turn, @lordkosc !

Woah. I’ve played through that. When I saw the “LB + LT”, I was sure I’d never played a game that used that combination of button presses, but I guess I was wrong.

@lordkosc Poke. You’re up.

Oh yeah! I forgot. :)

Tiny Civilizations! I just picked that one up.

Tiny Civ it is! Congrats @vinraith

Steam user image because I can’t make it past the 1900’s due to war and mah people starving.

I can believe it. I only just got started but I’m 1) very impressed and 2) utterly hopeless.

OK, new frame:

I pulled out a win, but that era was tough!