2023 Video Game Frame Game - All Games and Frames Welcome!

Unfortunately not.

Forklift flipper?


But I hope it’s not too much of a hint if I say both previous guesses do share one word with the correct answer.

I googled Forklift games, and holy shit, who knew there were so many out there?

Trash German game making is not something to laugh at.
I’ll go « pffffrrrttt! » though

I’m afraid I can’t accept sound effects as guesses at this time.

The correct answer is on @Rock8man ’s list though… (and yeah, a surprisingly busy subgenre!)

seriously? I thought the forklift was a red herring and why you didn’t show it before!

I’ll choose “Best Forklift Operator”


I’ll give it till this evening if anyone else wants to take a guess, before accepting the loss.

I’ll go with Extreme Forklift Challenge.

There is about as many “Extreme” as “Forklift” in that list.

And if you put the two together in the right order you’ll get this one right!

I realise now I forgot to mention a time zone, but let’s just agree: it’s night-time on the internet.

You’ll all be kicking yourselves - the game is of course Forklift Extreme: Deluxe Edition.

New frame will be coming shortly.

Thank lord the Deluxe Edition comes with all the DLCs that make it the ultimate forklift simulation experience.

Did you play this? XD

I did! It might not make many GOTY lists, but it’s the sort of thing that’s pleasant to play while listening to a podcast - same kind of mood as the various Truck Simulators. But it does gate its content a lot, you have to do a lot of very similar warehouse jobs before other modes are unlocked (so you can’t jump into the forklift bowling without paying your dues.) Maybe I should start a Forklift Simulators (that are interesting) thread…

Next frame:

Purple Saturn Day, obviously.

Star Renegades?


(Also from the first screen shots I was expecting a wacky Forklift Bowling With Friends style game)

Perhaps a cutscene in UFO: Enemy Unknown?