2023 Video Game Frame Game - All Games and Frames Welcome!

I applaud this idea. Maybe a friendly mod like @Telefrog would be kind enough to move the existing Gamedle posts to a new thread?

I guess that means I’m not off the hook to come up with a new frame! I shall do so.

@tomchick is really good at creating new threads. Tom, could you separate out the last few posts related to Guess the Game and Gamedle into a separate thread?

I’ll see if I can come up with a new frame tonight.

Edit: Thanks Tom!

Posts moved!

@Rock8man Poke.

@Rock8man Re-Poke.


@Rock8man Alright, good sir, I think it is time for you to decide whether to play or hand off your turn. Up to you. Though, I think if we go without a response for another 24 hours, we’re sending the screenshot police to your home. And/or handing off to Mr. Lufkin.

I have the shot, I still need to hide stuff on it.

Here we go. Sorry about the delay. Finally not super-busy at work today.

Down in Bermuda?

Monument Valley

Oh that’s a much better guess - I was on my phone and a combination of dark mode and sunshine meant I didn’t see the shape of the screen.

No correct guesses. Though Monument Valley is a good guess.

Monument Valley 2?


Isle of Arrows?

Lara Croft GO?


It’s the first tower defense game in a long time that I still play regularly. I wish it didn’t drain my battery so fast though.

Been meaning to pick that one up, not sure whether PC or mobile would suit me better.

Anyway, new frame:

Radio silence. Well, here’s a little more.

Age of Wonders 3?