2023 Video Game Frame Game - All Games and Frames Welcome!

Definitely not something I’ve played, but it does look very cool.

I was about to guess the same game again haha.

This is the room I thought it was. I got nothing, but it does seem familiar.

I was going to guess Dead Cells because of the art style, but then I thought, I’ve finished Dead Cells, so I would recognize this room if it was in it.

Will this be a loss? Oh my, hopefully not. Here’s some UI:

Skul: The Hero Slayer ?

I have had it wishlisted for quite a while but haven’t bought it yet, I am thinking my oldman reflexes might not be up to the challenge, but the art style is lovely.

Whew. It is Skul: The Hero Slayer!

The other guesses got the genre right - there’s a lot of Dead Cells and Momodora and Rogue Legacy in Skul - but Skul is its own game. Really good pixel art, too. It’s been quite enjoyable to play as well.

Thanks for the save, @lordkosc ! Your turn.

EDIT: about old man reflexes: so far, I think Skul is actually more forgiving than Dead Cells, but I’m not far into the game yet, so that could change. I don’t think so, though. I feel like Skul has more options to cater for different playstyles than Dead Cells.

No one will guess this, but it’s a screenshot worth posting! I won’t have much time to post tomorrow, so if no one guesses it by noon I’ll take the loss and page Scotch.

I think Walden, a game, looked better than that, but I’ll guess it anyway.

There’s something fishy about that frame…

I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t a rod in it at all, but without anything better to go on, I’ll guess Ultimate Fishing Simulator anyway.


The Witness?

None of the above, full reveal later today.

Hint: Soon everyone will own this game.

Dead Space?

It’s quite clearly Hogwarts Legacy. ;)

Half-Life 3??

Hmmm… Adios? (Guessing it’s an upcoming Epic freebie based on the hint, and Adios looks the closest match!)

Correct @wavey , it is indeed Adios.



Admittedly not much to go on, here’s another small reveal:

Deep Sixed?