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The Settlers: New Allies ?


@Scotch_Lufkin More?

Whoops! Yep, one sec!

EDIT: Here we go, thanks for the reminder!

Final Fantasy XV Pocket edition?

Sorry, Charlie.

This game is going to be a bit wild - it does appear when I search for it in the Games subforum here, but only 8 total times (in 7 threads). And only usually in hand waived lists for things like “stuff coming out in 20xx” and the like. I would be surprised if anyone here played it, but it’s the kind of game my cousin loves to pay a few bucks for on a deep discount and send me screenshots of. It also does look very striking, and seems like a neat idea for a game, but I’ll talk more about it after.

I like that guess because that castle gives me Final Fantasy vibes. ;)

A bit more is revealed!

Granblue Fantasy Versus! Nice pick.

You got it!

A fighting game that has an RPG style campaign! Very cool sounding!

It is a really cool fighting game that is getting a sequel of sorts this year - Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising - that basically solves nearly all the problems in the previous game, including the lack of rollback netcode. Really excited about this one!

Cool screen! Never heard of the series.

Oh nice, sounds cool! I think this one (when my cousin was playing it) $4 on the PSN store and he told me to grab it, but I just forgot.

Right? As soon as he sent it to me ahile back I saved it for this very game. I guess it looks amazing when playing it, he was telling me.

Well, considering the much improved sequel should be out sometime this year, maybe don’t buy the current version? :) It should be fairly cheap though, so feel free.

Anyway, as I said, it’s a super interesting game. It tries to make fighting games more accessible and it has some pretty interesting ideas in that area. And the IP it is based on is huge in Asia, but not as well know here in the West. So there’s that.

it’s actually still pretty expensive this sale

@rhamorim Poke. You’re up.

Final Fantasy XIV


Left Empty got it before I even posted any frame. :D

Jokes aside, let’s go. Not my screenshot, but I have in fact played this one.