2023 Video Game Frame Game - All Games and Frames Welcome!

I do too and I can only see 1/20th of the image!

Is this “LSD Dungeon Crawler 2”?

Stop drawing a succubus and a penis, this is a family place, please.


That, and the colours, make me guess Saints Row. Never played it though…

Please. I’m as pure as the undriven snow.

Ziggurat 2?

Is this like a @Left_Empty screenshot where the more that is revealed the worst it gets?

Is it Rez?

Psychedelic, furry animals… is it a Jeff Minter game? I’ll go for Moose Life.

It is not a Minter game, nor Rez, nor some weird Japanese game only played by the dev team and one Frenchman.

(Tho it may be a weird game only played by the dev team and one fox.)

I was gonna say Thumper, but that doesn’t fit as that game was the Steam indie darling of the month back when it was released.

Avicii Invector?

Inca 2?

Hyper Demon?

I sorta passed on the whole Devil Daggers craze but deicided to try this crazy thing last month. The style appealed immediately; it’s very… Minter-esque (and I’m a huuuuge Tempest X000 fan). The graphics/style was something of a barrier for me with Devil Daggers, and while you can see the clear lineage between the two in some regards I’m deeply enjoying that this one is trippy as fuck with a ridiculous FOV setting right outta the box. An overwhelming assault on the eyes.

I sorta suck at it, tho. My best score yet is upper 30’s, but I haven’t had the time/mood to fully commit to mastering it yet.

Oh lord I played Devil’s Daggers. Thanks for bringing that trip back into my mind. I guess I’ll give it another swing. Maybe Hyper Demon, too, once I acquire funds (the graphical style certainly looks more appealing, as I remember).

I still think it’s Thumper.

@Rock8man Poke. You’re up.