2023 Video Game Frame Game - All Games and Frames Welcome!

@Enidigm More?

Hi sorry! Forgot this morning.

If it helps, I’d say this game didn’t have the impact its developers had hoped for!

Must be Honkai: Star Rail then*! It’s like Genshin but without the Impact… ;)

* not really

No correct guesses yet!

It’s possible, like many heavy metal bands, this game was most popular in the far north…

I know this! 99% sure it’s Krater by Fatshark.

I’m not from the far north, but I do like many heavy metal bands and also liked this. :)

But I’ve been out of the frame game for a while, have no idea what’s been posted recently, and don’t have anything prepped. (but I will hack something together if correct)

Oooooh, nice guess! I played that game ages ago. That’s an awesome pick!

Repeats are allowed, so don’t worry too much. ;)

The winner is @Profanicus! Well done!

You are up (*only if you want to be)!

I’ve never heard of it.

Very few people did. The only reason I played it is that I knew Fatshark and got curious about the game. I don’t even remember how and where I got it? I never played much but the concept was kind of interesting.

I’m with you, I think I lost my mojo :O

It’s a 2012 game, so way too recent. It’s understandable you don’t know it.

It’s only fair I play the whole game, and not just half of it. :)

It didn’t rate too well with Tom, but I guess it was still memorable for me. I’d recognise that generic rusted brown architecture anywhere!

New frame up. Good luck! :)

Will that game ever be freed from Shrapnel and get a second life on Steam? :O

Deity Empires?

It is neither of those. Here’s another clue:

Conquest of Elysium 5?

I’d love so very much to see Bronze get the Approaching Infinity treatment. It’s such a brilliant little game and deserves a much wider audience.

That is not it. Have another