2023 Video Game Frame Game - All Games and Frames Welcome!

Last one before the full frame:

Might have to take a loss on this one. Full frame below:

I’ll call it now - the game was Minecraft-inspired single-map parkour gauntlet Beton Brutal.
No time limits, no enemies, and no explicit goals besides go up, and yet still immensely frustrating.

I’ll leave the next frame to whoever wants to take it!

Wow, yeah, haven’t heard of it at all.

Been 5 days. Anyone want to take this? I can’t, currently. Might be able to on Sunday perhaps, but I’d hate to let it stagnate until then. Feels wrong to me, as the guy who pokes people to keep it moving. 8 days? Egads! Etc.

I’ll go ahead and post my second choice.

Frame 1:

7492, that’s really ?low? crime right there. What the hell kind of nonsense game is this.

Sim City 2000?

I finally got Bronze!

The game is on sale until the end of the month, and you can get an extra little discount down to 18$, when you check out with the the extra coupon FALL23

What a timing.

Wow, this was unexpected. I was eying that game… what, ten years ago?

I’ve owned that one forever, it’s a personal favorite and I desperately wish it could escape from Shrapnel and get to Steam where I’m sure it would find a wider audience.

Same. So happy to finally play beyond the demo ;D

It’s so good. I mean, Shrapnel sucks, but Bronze is just so good. If I was Brian I’d be screaming BIYF at this point.

I had some glitches with the game’s mandatory fullscreen and alt tabbing on windows 10. I used a windowing app (D3DWindower actually), and set it to run in a window and capture the mouse to be happy.

What a smart game! I played the demo so long ago, I remembered I liked it a lot, but I had forgotten it was this brilliant and how the game really got a campaign game going.
Very happy.

New frame and nope, not Sim City 2000 @Rock8man

Lost Technology.

We have a winner!

It was Lost Technology.

Here’s the full frame:

I got my mojo back!

This one will be super tricky.

Three hopping fairies: something something

Don’t you try to cheat :O

Hero of the Kingdom III ?