2023 Video Game Frame Game - All Games and Frames Welcome!

I believe I’ve seen that somewhere, but can’t recall where. I guess I’ll wait for the next frames ;)

Is it Legend of Mana?

Kingdom Rush?

@Left_Empty More?

I messed up a bit and had to reconstruct the image a second time, somehow :O

I feel you baiting me here, Left_Empty!

This game is Bronze.

Oh my it is Bronze! Who would have thought ;D

What a cool, cool game! I’m surprised how deep it actually is.

I was waiting to see if someone else would jump in there.

It’s really quite something, isn’t it? It’s far too good to wallow forever in Shrapnel obscurity.

Hey, here’s a new screen! Can you guess the game?

The System Shock remake, perhaps?

That was quick! I hadn’t even revealed the corner of the Trioptimum logo yet!

Inventory Tetris is so 1994.

And System Shock is pretty stingy about it! You definitely can’t carry all the weapons at once. That’s even with four upgrades that give you another half a row (six spaces) each. They did add a kind of dumbwaiter on each level of the station where you can put stuff and then access it on any level (once you find it). But that’s only 4x4!

It worked. It definitely felt old skool, but in a fun way (IMO). I had to strategically drop the rail gun–most powerful weapon in the game, but with only around 10 ammo total available–somewhere I would remember so I could come back to get it before the several boss battles with Edward Diego.

I did carry the laser sword around with me all game because I remembered using it a lot in the original. But I never ended up using it. Probably because I was playing on easy combat and didn’t have to worry too badly about being short on ammo.

The color palette screamed “90’s sci-fi shooter”, but the resolution was way too high to be an actual game from the 90’s, so it had to be a remake. I think I recall you mentioning having played the System Shock remake somewhere, so that was my guess. ;)

@rhamorim Poke. You’re up.

Here we go. Apologies for the delay.

No guesses? Frame 2…

Dragon’s Dogma?