2024 Android tablets, or other alternatives to a new iPad?

I’m happy with my iPad Pro, and I’m not sure I want to spend the money for one of the new iPads. But I kinda would like a second tablet, because I like to “watch” Twitch streams for free drops on one device while actually using another. Also, my iPad always seems to need a charge when I want to use it. Also, I’m just kinda interested in trying an Android device, and I’m not giving up my iPhone anytime soon.

So I’m thinking maybe a Samsung Galaxy kind of thing? I see a bewildering array of Samsung devices under $500 on Amazon, for 10- and 11-inch screens, which all seems too good to be true. I’m willing to spend maybe $1000 for a tablet that performs as well as an iPad, but I’m not sure what that device might be. Any suggestions?

I use Amazon fire tablets for years now, cheap and functional.

If you can google you will learn its possible to install the Play store on them, making them almost like real tablets. :)

Been thinking about getting the newest one, I saw they drop down to $200 quite often.


Lenovo makes some really affordable options with high resolution OLED screens. The OnePlus Pad seems nice, too.

The Flagship Samsungs are probably good, but seem overpriced for what you get, and I’m not a fan of their OneUI skinning.

I don’t love a lot of the Samsung OneUI, but I got a Tab A8 2 years ago, and it has been great for reading comics/watching videos. It also has a headphone jack, which is something that I really wanted, as I watch stuff in bed, and don’t want to have headphones that require charging just to watch a 10 min video before bed, earbuds work fine. Build quality on the samsung tablets has been great. I got a 13 inch Pro Galaxy tablet in 2013 that still works today, but I had to replace it, because google stopped supporting it, so many apps stopped working (youtube). Thing still holds a charge and looks great 11 years on.

I like to bring my tablet on work trips, so I am not using my work laptop to watch netflix in the hotel. It is also the tablet on my WFH desk that plays music or twitch streams while I am working. I do not use it for any games or anything, only reading/watching.

The price was right, I got some deal through costco where it was like 170$ with a flip cover. Hard to beat a deal like that.

I would be all over the Amazon tablets if they had the ability to install play store apps (Youtube is the big one). Twitch will obviously work on them. They are generally really great media consumption devices, and the price is spectacular. Seeing that it is possible thanks to @lordkosc means that an 11 inch amazon tablet is on my prime day watchlist.

Otherwise, not an iPad alternative, but the Gen10 ipad (non pro and non air) is having some crazy sales getting the price to around 299$ a lot of places, and the Gen9 is regularly going for 249$. They are both super capable devices for anything you would want a “second” tablet to do.

I’m on my third Samsung, I think. No complaints with them. I’ve currently got a 2022 Tab S6 that I use nightly to communicate with you fine folks, as well as read some other sites. I’ve got the Comixology and Nook apps installed, which work just fine. I don’t usually watch Netflix or anything on it, but on the few occasions that I have, it’s looked pretty great. In fact, I just had the idea to pop on Empire Strikes Back or Raiders one warm Summer night and hook up the Beats pill for an extra boost to sound.

I did Google, and indeed it seems possible. Maybe a tad complicated, particularly for someone new to the Android universe?

But my main question is whether there are other downsides to the Amazon Fire. Why might I prefer it over a more “standard” Android device? Does the Amazon universe make some things easier? Is Comixology better on the Amazon Fire than on other Android tablets?

The Samsung devices all look nice. As @Brad_Grenz says, the Lenovo devicers also look nice, and they are very affordable. In fact, after looking at iPads, I’m generally impressed with the prices of Android devices. But there are so many to choose from, I’m a bit overwhelmed!

If the Amazon Fire has some advantages over other tablets, and it can still run Android and Google Play, I might lean toward that. But I need to learn more about its disadvantages, if any.

Value wise, Android tablets are way better than iPads. Cost not considered, say if $3K iPad pro strikes you as cheap, I still consider Android tablets better.

Good models from cheapest to most expensive are the Tab A8, Tab S6 Lite, Tab S9FE+, Tab S9+.

Well, after reading and watching many reviews, I opted for a OnePlus Pad, which happened to be on sale for $399 this week. That seems like a pretty good deal for a tablet that seems to do all the basic stuff I need. I liked the high refresh rate, snazzy appearance, and even the funky aspect ratio, which is closer to the iPad that I’m accustomed to. In fact, it sort of seems like an iPad running Android, but maybe I’m wrong about that. I’m not so sure I love the big camera on the back of the thing, but most of the time I mount my tablet in a floor-lamp-like-tablet-holder-thing, so I won’t be touching the back of the device anyway. Except when I travel, which I’ll be doing next week.

It arrives tomorrow, so I’ll let you all know what I think!

The Oneplus pad is the most intriguing to me. It sounds great, specs are excellent for the price. I am not uber concerned about the Chinese origin, because what important things am I doing on my tablet?

Interested to hear your opinions when it arrives.

well, you may be using your Google account which is linked to, like, everything. At least for me it is…

Like, I don’t do anything of consequence on my Samsung tablet, but I do on my Samsung phone, and both are connected to my Google account.

If you’re looking to spend a grand buy the iPad.

For a cheap tablet get the Amazon Fire 11 max and put the Google play store on it. Amazing deal.

So far I like the One Plus Pad. It’s got a beautiful screen, with a high refresh rate, and really impressive audio. The speakers produce better sound than I get on my iPad. It’s really mesmerizing to watch videos on this thing. Plus it’s very pleasant to hold, with rounded edges everywhere. It’s a bit smaller and lighter than the iPad, which is what I wanted, as I’d like something slightly lighter for travel.

I was able to transfer apps and files from my iPad with a simple device-to-device connection. I’m also having fun finding stuff to try in the Google Play store, which I’ve never used before.

I’m half-tempted to remove all the icons from the home screen and access apps a different way, but I’m not entirely sure how Oxygen OS wants me to find apps. I’ve read references to an App “Library,” but I don’t see one here. Am I just supposed to type an App’s name into the Google search bar on the main screen?

Even if I don’t remove all icons, I’d like to shove most icons into folders on a final page, like the iPad does these days. I can do it manually, but I wish there were an automated way. Maybe there is?

The big camera on the back of the device seems superfluous to me, but at least it’s not in my way. But my least favorite feature may be face-recognition. It requires a swipe, not just facial recognition, and it doesn’t always work after swiping. So then I’ve got to put in a 6-digit code. That’s all a bit fussier than what my iPad requires. Also, to turn this thing on, I have to push a button, I think? Whereas I can tap on an iPhone or iPad to bring it to life. Maybe I’m missing a setting somewhere?

All in all, though, I’m satisfied with the purchase. The visuals and especially the audio are awesome.

I might look into this in the fullness of time, as there is constant demand for tablets in my household. Certainly can’t beat the price. How is the video and audio?

It’s literally half the price. If I was spending $400 I’d get an iPad.

Fire 11 max screen is great and audio sucks like most tablets other than maybe the iPad Pro previous gen. Amazon heavily discounts on holidays and prime day too.

Well, this One Plus Pad has fantastic sound – better than my iPad Pro. It has four speakers, and they’re really clear and loud. I hear detail on it that I don’t hear on my iPad. I love the audio. The screen is great too; that high refresh rate makes a difference. It also has more RAM and more storage than the default Fire Max, and I don’t have to pay to remove ads.

Still, I might consider a Fire Max for a third tablet, as my family is clamoring for a tablet. I’m not entirely comfortable about side-loading Google Play, but I’d get over it if the family wants it.

Sure, you do get something for the money.

Cheap but good makes sense as a kid’s tablet too.