2024 Presidential Election

How do you mean? I thought the monk-on-fire image was the iconic picture of a fanatic/zealot.

Nobody? Hear me out here. What if we can target a TikTok campaign of self-immolation at the MAGA demographic? Call it the gas fire challenge or something, prove your devotion to the golden idol!

Never be woke, be burnt!

Self immolation doesn’t matter when you live in a heartless political system that doesn’t care if ordinary people live or die and doesn’t respond to pity or concern or is interested in suffering.

That we do not live in that society anymore should be obvious when the results of the Women’s March and BLM marches were for conservatives to double down against them. When we have mass shooting after mass shooting and the response is to double down on guns again.

And it’s not just on the political side - it’s basically us as well. If we really care, we’d all rise up and refuse to work and have nationwide strikes. But we don’t care that much. So the political system doesn’t care either, and it’s a virtueless circle.

Ehhh, don’t know I’d go that far. There’s a big gulf between “don’t care that much” and “willing to destroy my life and take my family with me”.

I’m just saying that that is the way to express solidarity with an issue. If Gaza is like recycling - I mean, sure I’ll do it, if it’s convenient, doesn’t cost me any time or money, and I’m not really concerned if it’s happening or not - than no, nothing matters all that much to anyone, and you really shouldn’t be setting yourself on fire.

Just a reminder that France does have nationwide protests against a single cases of domestic violence or a single teacher being murdered. We’re just so numb to levels of violence in the US that these kinds of protests don’t affect anything.

I still remember the story of Rachel Corrie, who got run over by an Israeli bulldozer and killed while protesting the destruction of buildings by Israel in the Gaza Strip in…2003. What did her death accomplish 20 years later? Nothing, except for demonstrating her own bravery.

A French worker also has a social safety net, which is important. If I go on strike my wife loses access to her medications and maybe dies if it goes long enough. The stakes are going to have to be pretty high for me to do something like that.

Just to be clear, the monks in Vietnam were protesting persecution of Buddhists by the government.

I think you doth protest too much. There are myriad ways that protest has been effective in the United States over the last century.

Body cams, more scrutiny for police action, citizen oversight committees, hiring diversity. These programs haven’t been universal, but I’m willing to bet they’re more prevalent and have more teeth than they did 5 years ago. Also, covid sucked a lot of the oxygen out of the room.

I’ll probably disagree? At least over the last 25 years. 50? Maybe not.

The number of people killed by police between 2013 and 2020 went up 6%. The number of people killed by police from 2020 to 2023 rose 16%.

The only protests that work are the ones that attack the money. Those college kids who roasted the Lockheed dude this week have a better chance of affecting change. If Lockheed can’t hire the best engineers because their customers are abhorrent, and their products start to suck and sales suffer, maybe they’ll change who they sell weapons to.

Marching in DC with pink hats, for example, accomplishes precisely nothing, because you aren’t attacking the money. I don’t want to advocate for looting businesses, but that sure as shit got results.

I mean this is basically true, more or less, though what attacking money means might be up for debate.

The US political system is really “run” by billionaires who distract voters with social issues so that nobody has the capacity to confront economic ones.


Nothing else matters (to those in control).

Ugh, that’s so hackney. But I do think money is America’s Original Sin.

You haven’t seen They Live? 10/10 movie.

Of course I have, it’s just silly conspiracy theory adjacent to use it unironically now ;).

It’s like people quote Darmok When the Walls Fell (a famous Star Trek episode about aliens who only speak in references to myths, rather than actual plain words) and not realizing they are talking in nothing but memes themselves all the time with all of our movie quotes and gifs.

This is a whole other thread, but I think our language is evolving to something like the Darmok aliens. We share memes and emojis and they have meanings that we can’t really explain well but we all understand them.

You won’t like where the next logical step to changing those opinions goes.
That will be to cause pain on society until it changes.

You’ll see Nidal Hasan’s, and that will be a really destablizing thing.

Just a little light lunchtime reading I thought I’d share. Gifted article.

I watched They Live as a teen or young adult and this scene and image blew me away. You could easily subtract the aliens and this would still totally apply.