2024 Presidential Election

Do we not already get this like every week? Maybe not on an army base, but people are getting shot up constantly in this country. No one cares anymore. The only way we’d get gun legislation is if people start shooting up county clubs or golf courses.

I just can’t make myself be quite this cynical. I think that it’s distressing how much our political system kowtows to the desires of moneyed interests. But like, we’re not Russia or Mexico or Saudi Arabia.

Wow. No we won’t. People tend to be reluctant to tie their cause to mass murderers. There might be a few isolated psychos who shoot some people, but they’ll be gunned down or jailed and everyone will dismiss everything they stood for. That’s an excellent way to bolster public opposition to your cause.

What was the alternative? I mean I can imagine an alternative to slavery.

I love this movie. I’m watching again tonight. ON 4K BLU RAY

I think that used to be that way, and I think fundamentally most Americans are good people and don’t want bad things to happen. But various factors have allowed behind the scenes money to have a disproportionate influence not just on politics but American culture as well; most of this is buried behind various shells and disguises.

France had the same problem too - arguably that was the seed that killed the Revolution in the end (Haiti, ect). Basically when money vs ideals meet, ideals lose almost all the time. We’re at a point with that now that there’s an underlying feeling among many on the left and right that there’s not many ideals left worth fighting for, because not only do the ideals lose, they always lose, and there’s no sense they can win.

I prefer Three Days of the Condor for a more ‘realistic’ cynical take on things (or at least the ending dialog).

Wonderful movie

Really? A 67 year old Buddhist Monk?

I think this is a modest proposal that’s worth exploring. Although, I think having the White House side with Trump on Presidential immunity, and then having SEAL Team 6 pay surprise visit to Trump one night, would be faster way of solving our immediate problem.

Happy Thursday everybody.


This is so on-brand it’s almost comical.

Yeah, not good, Bob.

Everything’s coming up Trump at the moment.

I can think of 4-6 other folks who would need a visit.

I’m weirdly… not worried. The Conservative wing of the US has worked since the 1960s to beat Liberalism… and if Trump wins again, they’ll finally do that. It’s the completion of an arc of history that started with the Civil Rights movement, arguably since the Civil War even.

But if Trump really does go full fascist, well hurray! We live in interesting times, and future journalists will have lots to write about, as the country rips itself apart.

I mean i’m being sarcastic but also kind of not. But i do think at some point we as citizens have to decide what we care about more - comfort, or justice / reason / ideals. And if we, in the end, care more about comfort (or if the people breaking the country care less about it then us), well, we get to live in that country.

I think the difference is that I’ve lived in a one-party state most of my life, and living in a one-party nation is just going to make Everything Texas, and the culture war has been going on here since the 80s. What we’re basically seeing is this evangelical culture war now breaking out across the country. It’s news to you (all), but it’s pretty much SOP here in Texas for me.

What we as liberals need to do is stop pinning our hopes on the Only President and building secular and progressive organizations from the ground up again. But the conservative wing of American politics isn’t going to stop until they roll everything back to before 1965, and if we don’t really fight back against that… well, i guess we can discover the Beatles all over again.

The flaw here is if you’re an Other in Texas, you can leave Texas. When it spreads to the whole country, there’s no where to go.

I personally do not want my children having to join resistance cells to strike at the forced breeding facilities in the state funded Mega Churches or whatever Christo-fascist dystopia these lunatics have in mind.

(To me) it’s clear that the beating heart of this entire process, way way back, is this kind of non-denominational Christianity that formed in the wreck of the white middle class and as a reaction to desegregation, and at this movement’s center is a rejection of secularization, and they reject secularization because they literally cannot conceive of a world in which the Bible is not literally true, and anything that contradicts the Bible is, in effect, evil, because if the Bible isn’t true, we may as well toss it all into the wind.

The Civil War never really ended.

I mean, lol, it might be as simple that the existential angst of American life without the Bible is too horrifying for religious people to behold.

Come to England.

We’ve got issues too, but at least you’ll get a good cup of tea while the world burns.

I said to my California dwelling sister that she should come here if Trump wins, and now I am not so sure how much of that remains a joke.