2024 Presidential Election

Hah, I’ ve been signed up for a Canadian skilled worker immigration service for a couple of years, and they hit me up occasionally. OTOH I’d probably have to live in Alberta or Saskatchewan, so basically trading Hot Texas for Cold Texas.

You get to live in that country, I get to die in that country, or become a refugee.

If Trump wins, I’d support secessionist movements.

The only place 100% guaranteed to take me in would be the UK, eventually (I’d have to register because I’m 4 years too old), and they wouldn’t take Sofie, so that’s a non-starter.

The only reasonable CoL country that would guarantee me residency seems to be Ecuador, and I’d trust drug lords over Republicans.

The reality is , we’re in this position because liberalism failed to give enough to its lower classes after the Cold War, and never solved the racism issue. The center, and centrists- failed completely. It’s going to be the left or the right when things fall apart, and most likely the right, because Americans won’t fight for their rights.

It is surprisingly hard to emigrate to most Commonwealth countries if you are over 50. For instance New Zealand, like most countries has an investor visa if you have a few million and agree to invest a decent chunk in the country, but if you are over 50 (IRRC) you need like $20 million.

Fuck our cowardly less than useless and actively harmful, media overlords.

You guys need to get the guns out of your mouths and turn your thoughts once more to how you can use your time, brains, and maybe money (but not only that) to do your bit to push the needle even a tad in the right direction.

In 2016 when Trump was behind in the polls MAGAts were relentless. When people said mean things about him they didn’t flinch, let alone slump into depression. For this year, and this year only if you like, Biden is your champion. He is the guy trying to hold the world from going over into an abyss, and for all his flaws he deserves your support and not just in this thread but the world at large. He gave you and your families a nice rest from fascism the last three years, but it’s time again to pick up your placard, find it within yourselves to smile at random idiots who are leaning Trump, and fight the good fight!

The election can be won, but it will only happen if the people in the US that still have a heart and brain turn their attention to help get Joe reelected.

And ffs, even if Trump wins it’s not an instant game over screen for anyone. It’s just the start of a new fight. Big plans or not, Trump can’t just snap his fingers and have fascism. Unless everyone just gives up, I guess, then he can do whatever he wants. And sometimes this thread just reads like a bunch of people who have already given up.

Will folks be willing to set AMerica back a generation or two to avoid fascism though? It would likely take at least a credible threat of civil war for the fascists to back off, and even then they might go for it since they’d have the federal government and a belief of superiority.

Well, I think if you’re really at that point you’re setting the country back a generation or two regardless. But as far as are people willing to do it? I don’t know. Are the people on the other side that Trump is asking to put their lives on the line for him really willing to fight once they hit resistance too? I also don’t know. They only seem brave in numbers and when they think there will be no consequences. And even with Trump in control of the Federal government, there will be states and individuals within the government/military who resist and can help spark the populace.

I mean, I don’t think Trump is going to win. But yeah, if he does, it will be bad. Sigh.

Was it over when the German’s bombed Pearl Harbor?

Yep. Unfortunately, bullying has become fashionable, so they’re not even thinking about consequences. These are the same people that have gun fetishes, so I also think they have fantasies about movie-style shootouts with whoever gives them any trouble. And they fantasize that Trump will always have their back no matter what.

By themselves, these idiots tend to be sniveling cowards. But when they get to be a mob, that’s what worries me.

OTOH, I haven’t been seeing quite as much of that kind of behavior around here recently, whatever that means. Maybe they sobered up a bit because so many of their brethren got tossed into prison? And if that’s the case, they’re just biding their time until their idol gets re-elected.

Where I’m at (ND), I don’t see anybody leaning. It’s either full-on Trump (by a large margin here) or full-on Biden (my relatives and most of my friends). And picking up a placard will likely get me targeted. How likely would that actually be? I don’t really know, but this is a new era. For the first time ever, I am afraid of my neighbors.

Polarisation has been a powerful force for sure, but if you want to influence a democratic election beyond your own vote it inevitably involves talking to people. This is where campaign infrastructure is very important in identifying actions that may have impact, volunteering is a way to get access to that.

FWIW I certainly wouldn’t blame you for just keeping your head down. If you’re in North Dakota, it’s not like trying to convince your neighbors is going to turn the state Blue or even slightly Purple.

That’s a great point.

It’s the easiest path, by far.
But what I’m wondering is how much this kind of fear is actually working, as far as the big picture goes. I’m not the kind of person who has ever even thought much about fear in my life. It simply has never really been an issue. But now, I’m afraid of most of the population around me. Not directly one-on-one like at the grocery store or at work. But in the abstract. In the back of my mind on some level, I’m worried about mobs.

And I’m wondering how this fear is affecting others in states that aren’t as red as mine. Not that it matters, I guess. Fear isn’t going to change how people actually vote. But it does have an effect on how people interact with others, which can change things.

Just thinking out loud here. Frustrated.

Yep, I hear you. Unfortunately I have no great answers. Hopefully people in more purple states (or purple or blue cities in red states) have more people there to support them and feel less isolated. I’m not sure there’s a great answer for people in deep red areas.

I’m glad political signs are banned here by HOA.

Unfortunately, I know one set of neighbors are full on fash by bumper sticker, and the other family is pretty good (though they haven’t figured me out yet)

Apparently from the Hunter Biden closed hearing:

Those demoncrats always deflecting. Trump isn’t on trial here the Biden crime family is tsk tsk.

I love it. I’m going to use a variation of that every time someone starts in on the “Biden Crime Family” in my presence. “Yeah, it’s terrible how Joe Biden… (runs down the list of shit Trump did)!”