2024 Presidential Election

Mission: Dirty Up Joe Biden successful!

(I can infer this from the fact there was a plea deal and diversion agreement before certain Congressholes started bleating.)

Or we could take him at his word that he would not.

I think it’s easy enough to say you won’t, but way harder to be faced with the reality of your son seeing real prison time and you being able to stop that with the stroke of your pen.

Looking forward to six months of “Trump is a convicted felon, but so is Biden”. (/s)

Some hopium, with an unfortunate thumbnail:

Biden is following up his son’s conviction on gun charges with a gun control speech.

I turned it on just now as he was spitting fire about Trump’s “get over it” line with a “Hell No! We won’t get over it”.

I doubt it’ll be a historic defeat, but he’s not wrong about Trump underperforming consistently since 2016. And as far as fracturing the Republican coalition, I’m not sure it matters much this election, but I do think it’s another thing he did for his short term gain that’s going to come with a long term price for the party.

I never quite know what to make of Zeihan. He’s fun to listen to for sure. I think he has a tendency to overstate things and push them to their extreme ends, without considering competing factors. For example, he thinks that the Chinese are toast because of their low birth rate they will no longer be a factor very shortly. However, someone else pointed out (I think it was Money & Macro) a large percentage of China is still rural, so they got some more runtime just by continuing to move rural population to urban population.

China’s population is about 1/3 rural, which makes it similar to countries like Poland, Croatia, Ireland and Korea. It depends somewhat on geography of course (desert countries tend to be very urban for instance), but most wealthy countries (France, UK, United States, Germany, etc) are more like 20% rural. Japan is less than 10% rural.

Just to digress I think China is balancing on a razor edge due to the vast numbers of people they have to manage and the increasing concentration of wealth in their economy (India is in worse shape yet, but no one is afraid of Indian economic might).

China is so dependent on western trade that any ebb in that influx due to China+N strategies or random idiotic trade wars can do them a lot of damage. This is not to say their overall position doesn’t have a great deal of strength, just that it’s a fragile strength.

India has the fifth largest economy in the world and will soon overtake Germany. They’re also very poor and rural and a large part of their economy (50%-ish) is devoted to agriculture, but just from size alone it seems like a nascent juggernaut.

They’re also almost out of ground table water after implementing the “Indian Miracle” using profligate American agricultural methods, while temperatures are rising to 50C there. I’m afraid they are doomed, honestly. I sure hope they can turn it around, but I’m afraid they won’t.

How bad could prison be for Hunter Biden? They’re not going to send him to Leavenworth, right? It’ll be some kind of Club Fed situation.

Pretty sure all federal prisons are terrible. But do first-time non-violent offenders go to prison?

More likely he’ll serve time for his tax evasion stuff.

I have a friend who served time in a minimum security Federal facility. From his stories, it wasn’t great, but minimum security is way, better than maximum security (due to a snafu, he got to experience both).

On gun charges? Probably.

Omg my new favorite thing about this scene is the giant gas tank in his beautiful suburban back yard.

Every time I watch this movie I find something new.

More hopium: