2024 Presidential Election

Yes, it is. If someone with a platform wants to argue for Joe, they should do it by arguing for Joe. That sort of column is cringeworthy.

The daily show on monday had a whole ton of clips of democrat officials saying things like “The voters voted for Biden in the primary, so they are stuck with him and HAVE to support him.” - despite any new information coming to light that was unavailable to us at the time we placed our vote.

It’s like getting married to someone and then finding out they are terrible. No divorce for you, you should have known better!

That sort of bullshit coming from the party itself is deplorable.

Video queue’d up to the stuff I’m talking about:

I don’t think it’s necessarily a terrible thing to be reluctant to discard the will of the voters as expressed in the primary season, or to be a bit stymied by the problem of how to go about it. At least not in ordinary times. But these aren’t ordinary times, and the question of what to do now shouldn’t be decided on the basis of well there is nothing we can do. If you think Biden is the best candidate, make that case.

Frankly that NYT piece feels like they are cribbing off The Atlantic who ran a piece in that vein over a week ago.

I thought the Blue MAGA stuff was unfair but my opinion has been sliding on it seemingly in real-time over the last few days.


This fellow makes the case.

I think Harris is maybe the ideal candidate here. She can run on the Biden administration’s accomplishments while also pivoting to how she can do better on issues like housing and prices. She can say “who better than a former DA to run against a felon?” She shores up the sagging Democratic support amongst black voters. And who better than a woman to run a strongly pro-choice platform? It’s almost a good thing that Biden stayed in until it was clear that he shouldn’t. (It would have been better if he pledged to be a one-term candidate in 2020.) So it won’t look like he’s being pushed aside. She will also be able to run circles around Trump in a debate. She also can repudiate the “soft on crime” and “soft on immigration” narratives the Trump campaign will trot out without saying a thing. The left wing of the party will do it for her.

Agreed +1

Yeah, that was bad. The MAGAts stick with Trump through anything, so should we! I have the same reaction to people on the left the want is to go full authoritarian to save democracy (sigh). There’s a reason I’m so opposed to Trump and Trumpism, I’m not going to embrace the same attitudes just because it’s my party.

I’m not really understanding the argument from some of Biden’s folks that “Biden won the primary”.

Biden wasn’t really running in a primary. His only competition came from crackpots who no one knew. I don’t think he can really argue that his nomination as the candidate stems from some overwhelming support.

I mean, sure, I absolutely support him over someone like Marianne Williamson. But my support for Biden in the primary stemmed largely from the fact that he was the only game in town.

Sometimes, the Dark Brandon Subreddit can just hit differently.


They cut out a section from a much longer Times of Israel piece.

Well, something that happened in the meeting toward the end that was really painful and dramatic. One of the women who was on the call, she was on the call sitting shiva, for she had two daughters, one daughter they had found the day before, so they had just buried her. So she was sitting shiva, but she was in on the call because her other daughter was missing. It’s only twelve of us, so it’s a pretty small Zoom call and President Biden and a few of his people in the administration who work with him. She stood up at one point. Someone else was talking. He wanted to hear everyone’s story. And she stood up and she went to the door of the room she was in. She was out for a minute and she comes back in and she’s walking around, sort of throwing her arms in the air, and she hits something on her computer, which was the mute button And she says, “I have to interrupt, I have to interrupt.” And the president was speaking at the time, and he said, “Yeah, go ahead.”

And she said, “I just got the knock on the door that my other daughter is dead.” And she started screaming and we all, twelve of us, started crying on the call. And he put his hands in his hands and started sobbing. And it was so powerful because we were so with her. And what was really amazing is he wiped his eyes and he said, “I’m telling you right now, I have lost two children, and I know right now you’re in unimaginable agony, but one day you are going to need to be strong for the rest of your family. So scream. And you can scream to me as much as you want, and if you need me to, I’ll call you tomorrow. And you can keep screaming at me, but you’re going to need to allow yourself to be there for your family.” And I just thought it was just a real human moment. And I know that it’s very Western and very American and very touchy feely, but you know what? We’ve been in hell for twelve days now. And it was a moment. It was a whisper of somebody getting the pain.

And that will always stay with me. No matter where you are. With all of this, I keep thinking it doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or a Democrat or a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim or a Hindu or whatever. This tragedy is so universal in wrapping all of us in excruciating pain that it’s something I don’t know that any of us will ever recover from, no matter what the ending is. Again, I’m speaking to people whose grandmothers are there, whose two-year-old nephew is there, the twins, who are eleven years old who are there, the four-year-old gingy [redhead], whose picture is everywhere. Like this is not normal.

If people voted on character Biden would win in a landslide. Against most any opposition, but particularly Trump.

I certainly think if Biden had had a situation like the debate last year we’d have potentially seen some real primary challengers.

Over half of (polled) Democrats think Biden should drop out of the race, per this article in the WaPo.

(gift link) https://wapo.st/3LqgfDv


This is the vast majority of what currently falls under shoplifting. When people see “shoplifting” in a news article or data table they immediately think of an individual brazenly grabbing a bunch of merchandise and bolting out of the store with security in pursuit, or they reference the scenes on the news where dozens of people mob a store and simply snatch what they can and disperse in every direction. Yet the vast majority of actual loss over the last decade has occurred at the point of sale as people take advantage of the self-checkout process to walk away with items they have not scanned/paid for or they swap/scan alternative bar codes to receive items for far less than their actual cost.

This type of retail loss is so prevalent that most major chains have recently announced they will be cutting back on self-checkout, and moving back towards cashier checkout. Of course what that really means is they will likely limit self-checkout to 10 items or less with an employee watching at all times or limit the use of self-checkout to customers who pay a membership fee, and of course they will NOT be hiring additional cashiers to man more of the currently empty old-school checkout lanes, they’ll just have everyone wait in even longer lines for the two out of twenty lanes they do have open.

Is being clean shaven a requirement for Vee-POTUS ?

We need to put this out as part of what the Republican Project 2025 agenda. This is what I think Dems need to run on. If you don’t have hope, use fear, lots of fear. Flood the zone, buy Fox News ads if you must and flood that zone.

Welp, JD’s out of the running.

And if I placed any belief in polls I’d care about this.

But leading off this article by saying “most Democrats” is a dead give away because you and I and the clowns who wrote this article know full well they didn’t ask a nation of Democrats anything.

My wife read the article this morning and said, and I quote: “They didn’t ask me”.

So do you not believe that polling can estimate sentiment at all?