2024 Presidential Election

Number one rule of Trump is to never apologize for anything. So that eliminates Boebert as she said sorry about getting kicked out of the theatre.

Also she committed an unforgivable sin to the GOP. She reached across the asile.

Not sure that’s true. I want to believe, and it was close last time, but never underestimate the deplorable ability to rally behind filth

If I were betting, I think Trump picks a man. He doesn’t like women, and he won’t care about any political triangulation logic which says he should pick a woman. He would not vote for a woman, so he can’t conceive of anyone else doing that. And I think he finds it more entertaining to force a man to debase himself.

Love it.

Lol, nice.

Biden is like Democracy

The worse form of government-except for all the others that have been tried.

We the Democrats primary voters had a chance to select the best candidate back in 2016, and we somewhat reluctantly choose Joe as the best chance of beating Trump.

Can you think of a new Democratic that’s emerged in the last 7 years that has high name recognition that we should consider for Presidency?

The betting markets put Bidens chance of making through the next term at 81%. That’s in the middle of the experts chances according to WaPo


Here is the thing, historically presidents have a just under 2% chance of being assassinated and twice that chance of being shot at. This was before a significant and heavily armed proportion of the population talked about using violence in the next election. This to me implies that upper bounds for even a healthy 35-year old female like AOC, surviving the presidential term is about 92%.

So we are really talking about difference of 92% vs 81%. I know for many of us Biden has exceeded expectations. It seems foolhardy in the extreme to risk losing an election to Donald Trump just for 9% increase chance of a Democrat surviving the presidency.

45 people have been president (don’t forget Cleveland twice), four have been assassinated. Sounds more like almost 9%! Dangerous job.

Of course, there have been 58 presidential terms (I think, my math might be wrong). Even then, in a single term a president has almost a 7% chance of being assassinated.

We chose Hillary. Joe was 2020. We should have chosen Joe in 2016, but he didn’t run. I blame that on Obama, but I really don’t know.

Sorry I was having a senior moment. Nothing to fear everyone :-)

Thanks Obama.

Beau passed during the summer of 2015, which was certainly among the reasons he didn’t run for the 2016 nomination.

Sometimes I wonder how that alternate dimension is going, the one where Bernie won the nomination in 2016.

My alternate dimension is John McCain beat Bush 43 for the 2000 nomination and became President.

All I know is that any alternate universe where Trump didn’t become president is better, unless WWIII broke out.

Man, that would’ve been great.

Agreed, that’s even better than my one.

He’s gonna win. :(

Why do I say this? Because he can get up there and talk. And talk. And talk. Biden can ride a bike but he can’t get up in front of a crowd and display this level of energy and enthusiasm. No handlers, no scripted answers, just taking questions from voters. Yes it’s 90% bullshit. Doesn’t matter. Americans love being lied to!

Listen to these fuckin cultists.

How many undecided voters watch that stuff, I wonder?

He said no one can buy a house anymore (true) then threatened to fire Jpow and drop the interest rates at the end. That’s gonna swing some votes.