2024 Video Game Frame Game -- Wild guesses welcome!

Nintendo Switch Sports?

That is quite a coo…

Spyro At the Olympics

Why not Dizzy’s World Cup? You don’t fool me.

Pocket Card Jockey??

No but that’s awfully close !

Ah, that’s the game I’ve been trying to remember for these frames, thank you! I felt sure it was a horse racing game, but I can’t imagine how horses would fit in the hidden parts of the picture, so I’ve no clue at the moment.

Unless horses wear high heels, it’s some kind of anime girl footrace game. Which does not help me in the slightest.

Well, there IS the Uma Musume franchise.

I haven’t found any screenshots with actual gameplay, so I’ll throw this out as a wild guess.

I can, however, confirm they’re indeed racing in high heels, and I wish the idiots that came up with THAT idea could be forced to run a mile in heels just to drive home how utterly stupid this is.

It is Umamoussmé!

The umamoussmés aren’t running using their heels, be reassured. The physicality of their feet and the hooves attached to them was subject of speculation, before it became an anime and it was decided they’d just have all human features. But I know, oh yes I know, that they got a third articulated hoof down there, despite what marketing decided to make canon. Brr, freaky!

(also the best horse racing game I ever played. Yup.)


It’s a japanese thing. Moe anthropomorphism of race horses. Then again, after the moefication of the Bismarck, I just decided to nod, smile, and stay the fuck away from the respective fandoms.

I have a game in mind. Give me a bit to prepare screenshots, this will be VERY obscure.

This will either be guessed by no one, or one of you freaks will recognize it instantly by the shade of orange.
For the books, it’s pretty old and pretty obscure, but for some reason I was able to find it on Steam these days.
It wasn’t available there when I first bought it, and I lost the CD and key ages ago.




This is what I was gonna guess but I’d be beyond surprised it is on Steam!

I don’t remember Flotilla having real wispy gaseous clouds, but it is on Steam

Hardwar is actually on Steam, it came back a year or so ago, we made a big deal about it here at Qt3 because we love old incomplete atmospheric games. But unfortunately, Qt3 search seems to be incapable of searching for “hardwar” without finding “hardware” which is everywhere on this forum. I think we even had a thread about it hitting steam but I can’t find it because of the stupid name.

As a horse racing enthusiast, I’ve been very delighted by the attention to details and respect to the non-human athletes. even moved by some story evoking tragedies and trying to rewrite them. If course it’s a Japanese mobile phone game, so you got tons of fillers that have few regards to quality, and as the game moved on from its origin and reached a popularity to the general horny male population, most horses are now hitting on the player as is customary of the phallocratic Japanese entertainment economy. I’m writing this as if I was there, but I only started playing last month, after somebody posted about some weird horse themed game here and i got curious to “know thy enemy” after joking about umamusme. Well look at me now!
Still a pretty incredible actually social game (I think that aspect is really rare of most so-called games, but I’ve typed too much already), and the smartest representation of horse racing through arbitrary equations I’ve yet seen, that lead to some remarkably well made races.