2024 Video Game Frame Game -- Wild guesses welcome!

Sorry, no correct guesses.actually no guesses at all!

Grrrr why does that J tile look so familiar?

@Left_Empty More?

oops, sorry for the delay.

aaand discourse wont accept my png. see you tomorrow when it stops farting.

Are you using Gimp to edit the frames by any chance? If so, remove commentary and headers and it should work…

Nope, Procreate, worked fine until today.
Lemme try again…

Nope. all images till yesterday still upload fine, but i cant upload anything right now it seems.

Edit: seems I cant upload anything new. Urh.

Oh there we go.

Cannon Fodder

No this isnt some fantasy C64 version of Cannon Fodder!

@Left_Empty More?

That C64 hint there is throwing me off. This looks way more like an NES/Famicom game. It’s even one of those that has improperly done art assets that were designed for square pixels, and not the 4:3 aspect ratio of the TVs it’d be played on. I’m talking about that J powerup. Almost certain if you squish the screenshot to the NES internal resolution/aspect ratio, it’d be a proper circle.

Don’t actually know what game it is, but if I had to make a random guess, maybe one of the weird Ultima ports on NES? Though I have no idea what the J could be in that context, so I’m very likely wrong.

That was not a hint, I was talking to Chappers!

Here is the big reveal:

Look at all those goats.

Goat simulator 85

(I don’t believe it’s a NES game, the palette looks too diverse at this point. I’m thinking it’s a modern, retro-styled game?)

It is a Famicom game,which was more colourful than the NES, it is scientifically proven.

I’m going guess GJ Jockey demake

The original Umamoussmé?

Oops, forgot about this.

Our space monkey got it! It’s the original Umamoussmé!

Or more accurately Family Jockey, an horse racing game released by Namcot for the NES with a slight RPG element and a respect for some accuracies that were way ahead of their time. It even features a pretty hilarious two players mode, and is one of the only action horse racing games that don’t ask to beat down your horse to win, but actually manoeuvre and anticipate.
An updated version was released for the PC-Engine, called World Jockey, which supported up to 5 players and featured a slightly expanded RPG mode, but was overall much more frantic and less adorable than this one -and the PC-Engine is my favourite console!

The game, like many others of Namcot’s best and most innovative games of their time (Valkyrie no Boken, Star Luster, Kaiju Monogatari or the pre-Shin console Megami Tensei) are present in their recent Namcot Collection but only in Japan. boo.

Anyway I hand it over to Rock8man, or I might another horse racing game…

@Rock8man Poke! You’re up!

Ok, I’m going to need a very specific answer in this one.

Zelda: Majora’s Mask.


Mario Golf Toadstool Tour