2024's fitness tracking and accountability thread

For the last couple of years we’ve had the 1,000 mile challenge thread and it’s been awesome reading about people’s progress, challenges, advice, encouragement and funny stories. This year I wanted to make the thread more about fitness in general. Post your progress for a 1000 mile challenge or any fitness challenge in 2024. As always please share goals, encouragement, photos, tips, struggles, anything.

Previous year’s threads:

Last year I did not do as much hiking/running/etc as I wanted or expected due to a variety of factors, but mostly a romantic breakup and subsequent emotional recovery. Strava says I walked/ran/hiked a total of about 600 km (373 miles) out of a goal of 1000 km. Still not bad and I’m still healthy and active, so that’s a win regardless.

This year I signed up for San Diego’s Rock n Roll half marathon in June, so I’ll be training up for that. My (new) girlfriend is gonna do it with me so that’s motivation to stick with the training plan. Good luck and health this year everyone!

Some motivational reading (for NYT subscribers)

Below are seven tips from geriatricians on how to add more good years to your life.

1. Move more.

The number one thing experts recommended was to keep your body active. That’s because study after study has shown that exercise reduces the risk of premature death.

Physical activity keeps the heart and circulatory system healthy and provides protection against numerous chronic diseases that affect the body and mind. It also strengthens muscles, which can reduce older people’s risk of falls.

“If we spend some of our adult years building up our muscle mass, our strength, our balance, our cardiovascular endurance, then as the body ages, you’re starting from a stronger place for whatever is to come,” said Dr. Anna Chang, a professor of medicine specializing in geriatrics at the University of California, San Francisco.

The best exercise is any activity you enjoy doing and will stick with. You don’t have to do a lot, either — the American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week, meaning just walking a little more than 20 minutes a day is beneficial.

Good luck on the 1/2 marathon. I always wanted to run a 5K and then started running and tore my meniscus and that was it for running!

I’m trying to walk as much as possible the first few weeks of the year but have some crappy high cortisol issue that is really messing with me…regardless…shooting for 500 this year…have a great fitness year everyone!

My wife and I are running our first marathon April 27th, the Eugene Marathon here in Oregon. We ran 9 miles today and had a serious hike in the middle when we decided our trail was not the kind of running we wanted, and went overland to find the better road.

After about 6 miles, I can go into tank mode, where I just get in the zone and move forward like a tank. Or wouldn’t notice if a tank was parked in front of me. I’d just push through it and keep going.

Running is great, and having a distant goal and a (cute!) running partner is also great. I’m really loving the way the distance of the goal allows for slow days and days where the running doesn’t go terribly well–it just doesn’t matter, because there’s no pressure.

I love being aware that I’m in a process of slowly getting better. I used to top out at about 6 miles, now I can do that no problem.

Being in a process is great.

Missed the previous years’ threads, but joining this one for accountability.

The wife talked me into buying a Peloton Bike a couple of years ago and I didn’t really use it that much (neither did she, honestly). And recently I decided that if I was going to be paying for this thing I oughta use it, right?

So a few months ago I got back into the routine and have found it pretty enjoyable. I’ve never enjoyed exercise before, but seeing my little trackers and streaks go up pushes all the right buttons for me. And completing challenges? Great. It’s been working so far and I’ve lost nearly 30 lbs and I’m in better shape than I’ve been in years.

So I’ve decided I’m going to try to get a workout logged every day this year. Might be too ambitious, but what the hell? If I’m sick or something, I can do a 5-10 minute stretch and it will still count. But keeping that streak going will get me to log into the app or get me on the bike every single day which will force me not to take days off like I did in the middle of last year.

Here’s my profile if anyone else is a Peloton user that wants to connect.

Brilliant - good luck!

Over the past few years I went from doing not much to attempting my first marathon. I managed to strain my knees a bit towards the end of last year but I’m hoping that’s over now :/ I have places for a half marathon and a marathon in the UK this year and the NYC marathon in November. Seems like too heavy a load, but I have the places at least.

Have been trying out the treadmill recently, which is ok… up to 8 miles outside without any great pain.

Thanks for starting the thread Matt_W. I hope the marathon runners and attempters aren’t crowding out everyone else.

Not a marathoner, but I’ll jump in.

My backstory: After not doing much exercise in years, I started martial arts about 20yrs ago. Very serious for say 8 years then started having serious knee pain. This slowed me down alot and eventually required scoping damage from both knees. During PT recovery I started doing body weight exercise and some weight machines. I did my cardio on an elliptical or bike because of knees Then about 6yrs ago I had a back injury that required PT and I started to really focus on free weights, at first mostly dumb bells but progressing into deadlift, squats, etc. Fast forward to today and my knees feel so much better, which I attribute to the compound lifting I’m doing.

I finally bit for an Apple watch at Christmas to help me monitor exercise and add motivation. I like the metrics and reminders and such. During the holidays my gym was under remodel and the cardio machines I’ve been using were closed, so I instead decided to do a 15-20min run/walk. First 2 sessions were great, but then I strained something in my left hip. Let it heal a bit and did another run/walk this weekend and plan to keep cycling it in.

So not a marathoner by any stretch. But joining more for the tracking of workout time. I’ve also recently been hitting some new highs in my lifting, so pushing that a bit too.

Good to see several folks setting up for a good 2024! I have the good fortune to be enjoying some good weather in Florida for Jan and Feb, so I’ve been able to get out on jogs fairly regularly. But it’ll be back to Michigan at the end of Feb and probably more elliptical time until spring arrives. I have no illusions about doing long runs, 3-5 miles is about my limit before various body parts put up a strenuous objection, but I do plan to do a few 5k runs this year to keep myself motivated.

Not really the thread but shocked to see Kelvin Kiptum died a few days ago. Kiptum stunningly set a new world record in the marathon in Chicago last October. Seems to have crashed his car.

February in the books. A bit behind because I lost two days in January due to icy conditions. Too hazardous to go walking in that.

162 miles.

121 for the year. Knees just about holding up. Trying a half marathon on Sunday.

260 miles of running and 67 of walking so far this year. Good compared to winters past when viewed year-over-year (probably because warmer than usual, so fewer indoor days).

37 miles walking…I’ve got way too many health issues…sucky.

Second marathon down!

The circuit was significantly harder than Berlin, so I’m happy with this. Last 3k were haaaaard.

Wow, that’s a nice time, congrats!

I did 19 miles this morning and it took me about that time :) Well done Juan!

Congrats! That’s awesome! I’m still training up for a half at the beginning of June. Heading out for a 10 miler now :P

I saw. You training for a race?

Attempting Edinburgh marathon again. Took me 5 hours 51 seconds to limp in last time. If I can knock off 52 seconds I’ll be happy. It’s not a certainty :)

How is that one elevation wise?

I will be very likely attempting London next year (I’m gonna try 1 marathon a year, let’s see how that goes)