$20CA a month for DAoC


That’s pretty steep. Even the full year fee is about $180CA. Are MMOG fees going to creep upwards in the next year? What’s the upper limit?

First of all I have no sympathy for anybody who lives in California. :twisted:

I don’t think the fees will go higher, at least not for awhile. DAOC is just moving up to where the rest of the games like WoW and EQ2 are right now.

I’d be surprised to see fees break the $15 barrier. I think the scheme instead will be to do what SOE does and bundle several games for a higher monthly fee – think SOE charges $22/month for EQ, EQ2, and Planetside. Mythic will be able to do that once Imperator launches. NCSoft might do something like that too as they launch other MMOs.

It doesn’t really cost them anything more since you can only play one game at a time. No more bandwidth or CS is required. They squeeze an extra $7/month out of you.

I’m a bit surprised Mythic is doing this at this time. Raising prices in most industries usually result in lowered consumption. If there are DAoC players who also have EQ2 or WoW accounts and are deciding which games they want to keep playing, this might tilt them away from DAoC.

Umm, California doesn’t have it’s own currency. CA is Canadian.

If the game is awesome then even $20/month is acceptable.

I don’t think there’s any way I’d pay more than $28.43 however,

I have yet to come across a game that is worth paying that much. I’ve tried DAoC and a few others and they still haven’t got what I want in a persistent world. It still feels like I’m dropping in for a visit and really have no impact on this place my character occupies.

The problem with letting you affect the world is that it generally lets other players affect you, and provides fertile ground for griefing, etc.

From the article:

$14.95 per month
$40.35 for 3 months
$71.70 for 6 months
$137.40 for 1 year

Just fyi, in US terms.


After WoW and EQ2 launched, this really doesn’t seem like a smart business move.

Yer exchange rate is way off.

edit: Or it would be if the dollar would stay steading for three goddamn days.

Yer exchange rate is way off.[/quote]

Doing the conversion on XE.com and taking the previously mentioned price of $137.40 as the annual American fee that converts to $169.77. Doesn’t sound that far off to me. Unless I am missing something which is quite possible.

True, but even having vendors remember you or something like that would add to the illusion. I hate in games (any game) when you walk up to someone you just had a 5 minutes dialog tree with and they respond like they’ve never seen you before.

I came back to COH recently and citizens near me talked about my recent missions- which I didnt even remember since I hadnt played in months!

The problem with all this stuff is that while it’s a nice feature, after you experience it a few times it loses most of its impact.

Yeah, it needs toned down a bit in COH, every citizen nearby just rnats about nearby heroes. I like hearing about other heroes- thats cool. But stuff about my guys gets old, and in Atlas park where lots of ehroes are around it gets spammy.