20th Century Fox in talks to sell most of company to Disney


Disney eats Fox - genetically enhanced Mouse another step closer to taking over the world!


Incidentally, what is 21st Century Fox’s relationship, if any, to NewsCorp? So confused.


So would this include X-Men / Fantastic Four / other Marvel properties Disney currently can’t make movies of?


Hot takes: so the X-Men properties could rejoin the MCU?

I don’t know if the Guardians of the Galaxy have been merged into the Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland yet, but if they have, they should be joined by the crew of the Serenity. And they could turn “Mission to Mars” into “The Martian”.

And I suppose if Disney could wrest the rights to the first Star Wars movie back from Fox, maybe they could put the iconic fanfare in front of future Star Wars efforts.

Otherwise… another series of Home Alone reboots? Remakes of Carmen Miranda movies featuring the Three Caballeros? The Sound Of Music redone as, I dunno, Austrian cats, with a Julie Andrews cameo as an elderly Mary Poppins? The sky is the limit, as long as it is financially remunerative!


0.01 seconds later, all Inhumans-affiliated properties are summarily canceled.


I believe that since the demerger four years ago, it’s primarily a question of shared executives/directors from the Murdoch clan and controlling (or at least blocking) stakes held in each company by the Murdoch Family Trust.


“Disney…Disney Fox!” - Russ Hanneman


I’ll just leave this here.


yeah, there are a lot of anti-trust landmines to avoid here, but it could make a lot of sense, at least for Disney.

Fox going 100% live content production (sports/news) will really devalue their local station/affiliate networks (maybe sold to Sinclair later?) - no exclusive content anymore. Years of neglecting digital is driving this, and looks like it could kill them down the road.




I can’t help but feel this will end poorly.

Disney will end up owning nearly all of entertainment.


They wouldn’t own Netflix, Amazon, Apple or the Indie. It seems like behemoth old industry putting up a fight against new players. This keeps happening in other industries and it usually introduces room for someone else to enter. I mentioned the ones above because all of them want to invest a lot of money in this area… and they’re just really warming up in terms of their content.



On the one hand, I think big media conglomerates are gross, and this deal is kinda gross.

On the other hand, I want Disney to make some X-Men and Fantastic Four movies (assuming those licenses are included in the deal).


The thing is, none of other studios can compete with Disney, let alone Disney + Fox. Wall Street will demand the remaining studios do something.

I fear a wave of consolidation into even fewer numbers of megaplayers. Like what happened in the defense industry.

Needless to say, this is bad for anyone who believes that corporations have too much power already.


Johnny Depp as Wolverine, and as Johnny Storm, and as Magneto, guest starring Johnny Depp as himself.


The power to make me watch fun movies?


Bread and circuses.


Can we just let the new super company exist long enough to release 4K remasters of the original cuts of the original Trilogy, then bust it up?