24: 2006

No matter how dumb the show may get, I will never tire of watching Jack Bauer kill people.

I really wish they add in a narrative to balance Jack’s…like Palmer from 1-3. Season 4 was too much Jack, all the freaking time.

Yeah, I’m conflicted. It’s an absurd show, always has been. So over the top it’s ridiculous, nothing but pure, manufactured, contrived, escalating, tension. But it’s Jack Bauer!

I always thought La Femme Nikita was better. Every bit as ridiculous, of course, but better characterization. (24 is made by the same guys.)

Damn! I forgot this started tonight. Are they going to rerun it tomorrow, or do I have to bittorrent it?

I agree, I tried to not watch it, but I couldn’t help it. God I love Jack Bauer.

So I take it Nikita is worth a Netflix? I see that there are three seaons on DVD. Was that all of them and did the show retain a consistent quality throughout?

I don’t expect it will be rerun till…huh, do they ever rerun 24 during the season? Tomorrow night’s another 2 hours of it, they certainly won’t have time for it unless there are middle of the night reruns I’m not aware of.

You guys are dorks. It’s a great show, stop pretending that you just condescend to like it.

A) Name me a “realistic” spy show that’s half the show 24 is.
B) Who the hell let Joss write the season opener?

Mmm. Jack Bauer Power Hour x2 indeed.

I liked it. I was afraid they’d handle Jack’s “coming to life” poorly, but targetting him personally is a good idea. I just hope they explain in a hurry how the bad guys figured out Jack was still alive.

Fuckin’ A, my good man.

I also thought the events of the first fifteen minutes were brilliant. Talk about hitting the ground running.

Yes, the nikita TV show is definitely worth a rental. Up until the last season quality was pretty consistent.

I was watching it in the living room while my wife worked in the home office with the understanding that when she came out of the office, I’d rewind it, and we’d watch it together. After the first 15 minutes, I turned off the TV and joined her in the office. If the rest of the show was going to be like that, I couldn’t contain myself, and I’d end up ruining it for her.

See, she can read my mind…

Last year I thought they did an hour on Sunday, then two hours on Monday, but the first hour of Monday was the same hours as Sunday.

Anyway, I torrented it last night, but I won’t have time to watch all of it before the new one starts. Argh.

Chloe has a nice ass.

Yeah, I said it.

The first lady has a nice boob.

Just to continue the discussion.

Nah, last year was the same (2 hours on Sunday and 2 more hours on Monday). I remember it since my wife and I were doing a cross country move during those nights and had my father in law send us his DVR of the first four hours.

Ugh, I’ve been trying to give this show yet another chance, and I really don’t see how people can watch this without screaming in frustration. Everything in this show is dependent on people doing the most absolutely boneheaded thing possible in order to advance the plot. If you value common sense or even rational, logical thought, this show will drive you bonkers.

Can we get a “day” of 24 that doesn’t take place in the confines of the greater Los Angeles area? Last I checked, there were 49 1/2 more states out there.

How many fuckin’ traitors can there be? And not just “I’m leaking to the press” kinda traitor, but the “I’m doing the death-penalty sort of treason and I’m also the president’s right-hand man” kind of traitor.

Enough technobabble about CTU’s servers already. Jeezus, they go on-and-on about the shit to the point that 95-percent of the staff must be IT support over there.

And jeezus, grow up people and act professionally for pete’s sake. These terrorist plots would be solved in no time if the staff would just put aside their petty and personal disputes for, like, 30 minutes.

Yet another wacko first lady. And the president is such a badly drawn caricature.

I could go on, and on, and on. This is why I usually end up dropping 24 less than halfway into each season.

Finally, if you’ve ever tried to do any kind of complex planning, you know that the best laid plans fall apart before things even start, because shit happens. Yet these terrorist plots are so finely executed it’s liked they anticipated everything in advance. It’s like knowing the final state of a chessboard (as well as every move) before the game even starts. It makes my brain hurt just thinking about how impossible that is.

Oh yeah, and can we get an season where “divison” doesn’t fuck things up by sending some lackey whose sole purpose is to fuck things up? (Really not believing the hobbit in this role, to boot).

And why does the LA CTU have a division headquarters that’s not located with the actual office? I mean, I assume central headquarters is in DC. So, like, why would they need a divison office and a seperate field office in LA? Why aren’t they just the same office?

And, if one day, we ever see this fabled “division”, what would it look like?