24 the game

This has been out for a couple days now, but still no online reviews I guess. Anyone played it? Is it the innovative masterpiece of the genre that I thought it might be able to be, or is it the shitty breakfast cereal tie-in that I knew it would be?


So, how many hours of gameplay do you think you get out of this game?

I know you’re joking, but in all seriousness I’d say about six.

It’s a lot like Everything or Nothing, both in gameplay itself and also the fact that it represents an excellent use of a license but probably will have no interest to anyone not already predisposed toward the property.

Gameplay isn’t bad at all but not really unique either- it uses a cover and auto aim system pretty heavily (again like EoN). Driving segments suck though- the driving engine is very floaty. Luckily they haven’t been long or difficult yet so it doesn’t bug me too much.

The game also has a wide variety of little mini-games that engage if you need to hack a keypad, defuse a bomb, recover data off of a harddrive, etc. They’ve been innoccuous and easy so far. Very similar to the minigames in each of the ‘Ratchet & Clank’ games.

The camera is kind of wonky. The default settings are pretty crappy but the camera and aiming is very customizable so you should be able to get a setup to your liking. One thing sort of weird is the camera actually bobs a bit trying to emulate the handheld camera format of the show and I can see that making some people motion sick. Not sure if that part can be turned off.

Presentation-wise it’s fantastic. Graphics are great for the PS2, it supports progressive scan and widescreen, and the framerate is solid. The character models are generally excellent and the game makes excellent use of pretty much the entire cast of 24 circa Seasons 2&3 and the story and cutscenes feel like excerpts from the series.

Anyone who loves 24 would probably be advised to at least rent it. And anyone who doesn’t like the show, or is unfamiliar with it, stay away.

DAMMIT!! Chloe open up a socket for me on this now!