$25? Why Not? Live Dylan Stream

Dylan shows are always a gamble, and I’ve spent a lot more to see him on a night when he apparently didn’t give a fuck, so $25 I’ll give it a shot.

Dylan played the State Theater, a small venue in Portland, ME, in 1996. He came out and played a few songs as if he would rather be anywhere else but the crowd was relentless in its adoration and eventually we got to him and he cracked a smile and began to loosen up. By the end he seemed to be enjoying himself.

“Love is the drug”

Like I said, a gamble. I’ve seen him half a dozen times over the years. Best show was at the AZ State Fair in (I think) '03. He was in such a good mood he trotted out a great cover of Brown Sugar, and, since Warren Zevon had just passed, Werewolves of London.

OTOH I took Ruth to see him (her first time) at the Tucson Convention Center Arena a couple of years later and he was awful. Sound was bad and the band had no energy. Opener Merle Haggard was much better.

Do we know if this is a live event, or pre-recorded? I’m guessing it’s pre-recorded since Dylan’s team is calling it an “exclusive broadcast performance”. I expect they’d be pushing the “live in concert” tag if it was live…

Saw him live in Louisville I think in 2008. His voice was barely an audible rasp throughout.