256MB GeForceFX 5600--Good Deal?

Was at Best Buy today, and saw that they had the 256MB (yes, 256MB) GeForceFX 5600 for only $250. Thanks to Nvidia’s idiotic naming convention, I was trying to remember if the 5600 was the good gaming version or the consumer version. With 256MB RAM though, I’d have to be the gaming version, I told myself.

Is the 5600 the one that’s two slots thick?

But daaaaaamn… Nvidia really must be having a firesale on these things, cause the GeForce4Ti 4600 was $299! $50 more!

I saw that yesterday too. I think the 5600 ultra is the super duper gamer version.


Does the 5600 (nonultra) sound like a Hoover Vacuum Cleaner? Or is that just the 5600 ultra?

The 5600 is actually slower than the 4200 if you don’t use FSAA or anisotropic filtering. If you do use these features the 5600 should be faster than the 4600! However, if I’ve understood it correctly the Radeon 9500 Pro is faster than the 5600 in the majority of the tests. And the 9600 Pro is slower than the 9500 Pro. It’s very confusing.

I’m not sure how loud the 5600 is, and it obviously depends on the manufacturer. But it was the 5800 Pro that was the double slot vacuum cleaner.

My bad. The 5600 is not the creme de la creme. The 5800 Ultra is the top dog. The 5600 is a mid-range card that retails for $199 with 128 MB. I guess the extra 128 MB costs an extra $50.


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