28 DAYS LATER - new ending

From IMDB.com:

Two Endings for the Price of One
Borrowing a page from producers of DVD movie packages, Fox Searchlight plans to attach an alternate downbeat ending to all 1,400 prints of the apocalyptic horror film 28 Days Later, on July 25, the Los Angeles Times reported today (Wednesday). The studio said it knew no other instance in which an alternate ending had ever been added to a film while it was still in release. According to the newspaper, the ending now seen in theaters was the one that appeared in the original script, but it was ditched in favor of a grimmer conclusion after it did not test well. Director Danny Boyle told the Times that he decided, “We can’t do this to people, because it was such a tough journey anyway.” The $8-million film earned $9.8 million in the U.K. last year and has thus far earned $29 million in North America.


Call me a wuss, but I enjoyed the fact that THERE IS STILL HOPE FOR HUMANITY.

Heh… it’s amazing that movie only cost $8 million to make. You know if Hollywood had tried to make it, they would have blown $20 million just to land some “A”-name actor to the project. After going through about 3 writers and 8 drafts, they’ll finally start production, which would probably be budgeted for about $60 million. Then there would be the inevitable re-writes because so-and-so actor is pissed about the role, which delays everything while new writers are brought on board to appease them. Finally after a gazillion delays, they’ll finish principle photography and go blow about $40 million in post-production for special effects. Toss in about a $50 million marketing budget, and there you have it, Hollywood’s version of 28 Days Later, all for a tidy $150-$180 million dollars.

Now that I think about it, it’s amazing they can actually still afford to make movies down there.

What kind of pisses me off, is that the author or screenwriter see’s so so little of that money.

So has anyone seen the alternate ending? Is it on the Dvd?

IIRC, the storyboards for the alternate ending were on the R2 DVD, but not the actual ending itself…


The actual alternate ending was on the British DVD – features [spoilers]

…the lead male character (Cillian Murphy) dies in a hospital from his gunshot wound, leaving only the two women (Naomie Harris, Megan Burns) to signal the military jet from the ground at the finale.

That’s not the original screenplay ending, is it? I though the original script ended with a completely different final act (which included no soldiers at all). Either the announcement is mistaken, or they went back and re-shot the original draft ending.

Bah, this is nothing new. When Clue was released, it had not two, but THREE endings!

Thanks Desslock. You just saved me $9.

Gad, I love that movie. 6 bullets! 1 + 2 + 2 + 1!

That other ending would’ve fit in a lot better [spoilers]

I mean, gut shots are pretty bad when you’ve got actual doctors and facilities around, aren’t they? The other character was a nurse or a pharmacist, wasn’t she?

Pharmacist. Or “chemist,” they call them over there.

I saw this movie, and the alternate ending, this weekend. I thought the movie was decent–some scary moments, some good acting, and hey, it features Hamish from “Braveheart” turning into a zombie. Nothing wrong with that. I was pleasantly surprised that it was more about post-apocalyptic survival than zombies.

I thought the alternate ending was fine, but the production ending was better. I often get the feeling that first-time filmmakers think it’s somehow cooler or more artistic to go for the most downbeat ending you can, but it doesn’t always make the movie better.

I agree that the production ending is better. I think the more dour ending was also an homage to the genre, particularly Romero’s films, which routinely feature the death of a/the major/main character.