2GB -> 3GB... Any point? Is it easy?

So I’m running 32-bit Vista, and wondering if more ram would be useful. Anyone got any experience for gaming?

I can’t remember if I have 1 or 2 sticks at present… and I can’t see anything in the BIOS that describes latencies etc. Do I need an exact match for an extra GB? Anyone?

Depending on how it’s added in, you may lose the ability to run in dual channel mode if it’s not evenly split between the channels.

The memory speed might also be bumped down automatically if more than two DIMM slots are filled. You can probably override that in the BIOS somewhere and set it back to full speed (you probably have to change some “Use standard memory timings?” option from Enabled/Auto to Disabled/Manual before the real tuning options will appear), but I’d double-check its stability after doing so.

But I don’t think it would really help much anyway. Even a memory pig that eventually runs out (like Hellgate: London) doesn’t really thrash the disk too much on my 2GB system running Vista. Maybe if there are a zillion other things running in the background too, though.