3 Body Problem - Netflix, Benioff, Weiss

Absolutely everything the series doesn’t cover yet should be spoilered. People get really upset about that sort of thing.

There’s some discussion about which characters are which from book to Netflix adaptation since their names were all changed (as they are no longer Chinese!). I’d say leave it be!

This is weird.

So, watching episode 6. The big idea is to put evenly spaced bombs between earth and the fleet. Then you detonate bombs to accelerate the probe. What I find confusing is that if you can put a bomb next to the fleet (ahead of the probe you’re accelerating) then the bomb must be traveling faster than the probe. So you must have already solved the > 1% of light speed velocity to have placed the bombs in the first place. Is this more coherent in the books?

That must be in book 3 because it isn’t in book 1 or 2.

They’re only aligning the bombs in the solar system. The idea is that the explosions accelerate the solar sail to 0.01% of lightspeed. Once it’s at speed, no further bombs are necessary.

Of course, getting the bombs in position would, realistically, take years and years because orbital mechanics are a nightmare. But just handwave that away.

How the probe decelerates is totally up to the aliens.

But that’s the only worthwhile part! :P

Yeah, that’s pretty much how I feel. I’ve finished the show now and I really don’t understand the appeal for people who didn’t read the books, and I’m very underwhelmed with it as an adaptation. I guess it has the mystery box thing that people seem to like going for it, somewhat (but not really by the end).

Think I might try the Chinese version when I clear a bit more of my backlog.

I’ve watched two episodes of the show and I don’t really want to watch any more. Does it get better? Or at least less dumb?

The way everybody loudly proclaims “I’m a scientist” is genuinely weird. Do actual scientists spend all their time telling everyone else that they’re a scientist? And “science is broken?” These people all talk like a stupid person’s idea of a smart person.

No, it doesn’t get much better. If the acting didn’t work for you in the first two episodes, I doubt the story will sway you in the rest.

Speaking for when science was my career: yes, yes we do.

But also, I don’t think the show gets better. If you find it tough dealing with those early episodes, no reason to push through. The books do a better job talking up the science, but are terrible at character depth.

I liked the show well enough but it definitely lacked impact for me.

We don’t tell each other we’re scientists, though. Generally the contents and framing of any discussion will reveal that almost immediately.

I might want to grab at least book one and read it to see how it treats the science. The adaptation seemed to use the science more as props with a bit of “trust me, it works” rather than digging into it in any way. I would have really enjoyed them spending a few minutes digging deeper into the sophons for example. The problem is that I didn’t come out of the show feeling like I learned anything or expanded my view of the world.

I think this is a good point.
The characters in the books seem almost like props. Part of that is almost certainly that with chinese names it’s harder for my western brain to classify them in the same way, without a face to put to them, but even beyond that it seemed like the characters were not developed much at all in the books.
The series did a better job on this front.

The series characters are pretty bad, too. I don’t believe any of them except maybe young Ye. I’d watch an entire show about her and that, minus the actual aliens; but not this.

Samwell Tarley was an Oxford science student who…

dropped out to become a snack food billionaire, while…

remaining a teenage boy in teenage boy’s clothes? Really?

I gave it the ole college try and watched 6 or 7 episodes on the Amazon Prime one before bailing. Then watched the 1st season of it on netflix.

I had no expectations of this being very good and it met them. On the upside I can now half ass my way thru conversations about it when they come up! And they already have as my brother in law has read and watched it and my wife is in the midst of watching it on Netflix.

Wade (Davos) is also good. But no - the show doesn’t improve, IMO. Based on your critique of the book, I can’t imagine you’ll find much worthwhile in this show, if it hasn’t hooked you after the first two episodes. Almost all the China stuff is in those two episodes too.

I was fairly bored with the show until the 3rd to 5th episodes…for me those were a lot more enjoyable and fairly interesting.

As a researcher in economics, I tell people that we’re scientists all the time, albeit sarcastically.

I can rest assured that any sophon would not even spare a microsecond to impede my research. They might even encourage me.