3 Body Problem - Netflix, Benioff, Weiss

The shows looks like it will be quite a bit different from the book. I’ve only read the first book but don’t recognize everything from the trailer. Anyone know if there’s scenes taken from the second or third book in there?

Looking at IMDB I only see three of the characters from the story for the show.

Ye Wenjie - The one Chinese character you pretty much have to have. I’m guessing there will be more Chinese characters to support her story.
Da Shin - Played by Benedict Wong, working alongside other non-Chinese characters in not-China
Mike Evans - Played by Jonathan Pryce

Wang Miao is now a white women named Tatiana and no longer the main protagonist? Seems like there are much more new characters created for the show.

That was a great read thanks.

This broadly adheres to my feelings on the trilogy too:

All 3 book readers only: Maybe I am just forgetting alot of the book, but I am a little confused what scene he’s talking about. Is it the climax of Book 2 when the protagonist threatens to broadcast the location of Earth when everything seemed lost? I hope he isn’t referring to the space battle with the droplet.

He’s almost 100% certainly talking about the Battle of Darkness, which is the aftermath to the Doomsday Battle.

That’s certainly possible.

If they get to book 3 it will certainly be interesting how they do the VFX of the dimension folding. I don’t envy the people being told to depict the four dimensional part of the universe on the screen. But I really think the folding of 3 dimensions to 2 dimensions could be amazingly depicted if they have the budget.

I seriously doubt that it’s possible to do a faithful adaption of Book 3 that is any good. To me, that is by far the weakest of the three books. I’m not sure even changing the protagonist (the major issue with the last book) can save that one.

Perhaps if they end the story when they blast off from Pluto - allowing us to ignore the death lines, pocket dimensions, and all the other deus ex machine stupidity suddenly introduced out of left-field in the final part. It would be dark, but it would fit better with the themes explored in most of the third books story and infinitely more logical than how the series actually ends.


Oh yeah. I stumbled on this. It looks super faithful compared to the Netflix version which has characters straight out of Game of Thrones showing up like they just came off the boat from King’s Landing.

Aaaaaand you can actually watch it as cheap as FREE with ads here:

Thanks for that link!

I think it’s on Prime too

Ah good to see it’s still available - the Chinese show was available for free on Tencent’s channel but seems like they pulled in, likely in favor of domestic services.

The series had a couple of standout performances (Wang Ziwen as young Ye Wenjie and especially Yu Hewei as Da Shi) and even managed to address some weaknesses of the novel. Most notably Wang Miao, the ostensible protagonist of the novel, is so poorly written he barely counts as a character. He exists just to drive the plot by seeing what he sees, and somewhat famously forgets that he had a family. In the Tencent show, Wang Miao is by no means the highlight but he’s a sympathetic character.

The Netflix show is definitely changing the story a lot, that much is clear from the trailer and marketing blurbs. It’s clearly much more international and not especially focused on China, and it appears to feature several characters that played a major role in the second novel. Saul Durand on the show seems to take the place of Luo Ji, the central character of the second book.

Is this the only character that’s staying mainland Chinese in the Netflix show (for the Cultural Revolution stuff and pressing the start button)?

It looks like they are doing more of an ensemble cast instead of having a main character. And other things like murdered scientists instead of suicides. And more Brits. Lots of Brits.

Yeah, looks like it’s on Prime here too. Will have to check that out, as I’d kind of like a faithful adaptation to compare the Netflix one to (assuming it doesn’t get panned). I only got about two thirds of the way through the second book.

It is. Thanks. And the video quality is better there as well, although it looks pretty sub-par to me in both versions.

Making Ye Wenjie anything but Chinese would require some major story changes. Between the Cultural Revolution themes, Ye’s motivations and the whole part with how the initial contact remained a secret, you’d need quite a rewrite to replace Ye Wenjie with a non-Chinese character.

Da Shi may be kept as Chinese in the show? Or not at all, it’s unclear. He keeps the name Da Shi and is played by Benedict Wong who is English with parents from Hong Kong, so the character could conceivably be Chinese as in the novel but may as well be English given that Wang Miao has been split into “the Oxford five”.

Was this due to the writer’s strike in the US? Or is the fact they went with British actors for other reasons the reason we’re seeing it this year rather than 2025?

That is sad to hear, the last third of book 2 and the first 80% of book 3 are the best of the trilogy (in my humble opinion).

I started reading book 2 last week. I’m about 17% through it and still have no idea what is really going on. It does jump back to previous characters and timelines from book 1 though.

September 2020 that David Benioff and D. B. Weiss were developing a television adaptation of the novel at Netflix, with Alexander Woo co-writing alongside them.

In August 2021, Eiza González entered negotiations to join the cast.
Production on the series began on November 8, 2021, with principal photography taking place in the United Kingdom and China.

Sounds like a COVID thing. IIRC US productions were shut down and people went overseas.

Seems weird to have fewer Chinese people. Its being Chinese is one of its interesting points. How much Chinese SF do we get?