3-D glasses?

Just looking for ideas for Christmas and saw a couple of reviews for eDimensional’s 3d glasses. Is anyone actually using these and do they add to the gaming experience? I don’t have a wheel, pedals or steel battalion so I’m not a peripheral buff but the idea of 3d, especially in a flight sim, has always excited me.

Would wearing these in Battlefield 1942 give me motion sickness? Or would they just end up in a drawer after the novelty wore off?


What are these? Like stereoscopic goggles with a different image in each eye, or something?

Well, Nvidia (and others) have developed software that interfaces with LCD shutter goggles, controlling which image is displayed on the monitor to which eye. Apparently with the higher refresh rates on modern monitors it’s very realistic. But I don’t know of anyone that’s actually tried it in a game.

I was fascinated by 3D-glasses too, and finally paid a sizeable amount to get them (TDV Gold Wireless). Yes, they are cool. They are mostly useful for racing games or games with large open spaces. I tried them with Mafia, and the effect is great. I’ve never played BF’42, but I imagine they would look nice there too.

Several points:

  • It is still a gimmick. These days, I never use them.
  • Be warned that in a FPS, you can have difficulty aiming. The Nvidia drivers have a ‘laser’ sight that tries to alleviate this problem, but it doesn’t always work well.
  • When picking glasses, only be concerned about pageflipping mode. For other modes you need software that presents the image correctly, and most drivers (like NVidia’s) only do pageflipping.
  • Setting up your system requires three components: the glasses, software that presents the image correctly (this is what for example NVidia’s stereo drivers do) and software that syncs your glasses with your monitor (provided with the glasses).
  • Check your monitor. It should be able to do a refresh rate of 100Hz (with pageflipping this gets cut in half, so you got 50Hz to show a smooth motion).
  • Do not be too concerned about lowering resolution, 3D adds an extra effect that makes the scene more lifelike.

Good luck!


Thanks, that’s what I suspected. I fiddled with the Nvidia stereo control panel and popped on some red-blue glasses to see what that was like, and while it looked cool in Porsche Unleashed it didn’t work in Arx Fatalis - the flickering torches caused all sorts of wierd effects. It was also fuzzy and I felt cross-eyed. I suspect the shutter glasses are a different kettle of fish but I’ll wait a bit before taking the plunge.