3030 Deathwar Redux: Best game of the decade?

By the way, if you like the music in 3030 (by the amazing The Kyoto Connection), make sure you look for a band called The Midnight. Some of the best synthwave right there.

Like Tom, it was enough to put me off trying the game. Are you actually saying it’s similar to Starflight? Because Starflight was goddamn amazing.

No, it’s not a survival horror point and click adventure either!

OK, how about this: what IS it? :)

On his podcast, Brian and his friends tentatively compare it to Space Rangers or whatever that Russian game was. It’s more Escape Velocity to me (at least where I was at, it didn’t have the ambitious take over the universe plot of Space Rangers), but done with a sensible vibe for exploration space gaming when it was at its finest, before the 90s, where Escape Velocity and other games later produced were feeling dry and a bit empty comparatively.
3030 grabbed me immediately, from the first second. I was confused as to what I was supposed to do, something that I hate, but yet I sticked because I felt so much warmth coming out of it.
If it doesn’t produce that quicksilvery alchemystical response to you, I wouldn’t force me into it.

For what it’s worth, my space games of the decade would be 3030 and Approaching Infinity - two arguably ugly games but very evocative to me, in the way Starflight (ha!) was.
KSP being beyond the scope of simple gaming: it changed the way I was envisaging space.

I can’t find Approaching Infinity on Steam. Is this the same game you’re referring to?


Yes, it is stuck on shrapnel until all physical copies are sold (ie, forever).

I downloaded the demo, and it seems up my alley, but then I read the forums and the type of DRM the game seems to utilize is off-putting for me because I could blow through a few installs pretty easily in the span of a year or two.

I think I’m just spoiled by modern digital storefronts with their unlimited downloads. But I do plan on reading a lot more about this game, or watching Youtube videos, these types of games certainly interest me.

DRM Complaint
I hadn’t played in a while and decided to give it a go again. So I installed the game and entered the key. I got a message saying there were already three uses. This was truly a wtf moment.

So I looked in the forum here and found this was the product drm and that I might be able to get one more install. I understand deterring piracy but this is the dumbest and most intrusive drm I’ve ever seen. Might be able to get one more install? For forty dollars?

I would try sending a private message to the dev, “ibol” on these forums. I’m not sure how actively he checks them to see your message, but he has said in the past that if you are a legitimate customer that he would probably help you out with a new code.


if @robc04 can dig it out, we got a thread about the game here (and most of it was spent exchanging gifs and crying about the terrible DRM)

Edit: I did it! Approaching Infinity - touching affinity

Can confirm Approaching Infinity is awesome. Shame about Shapnel.

I’ve done nothing at work now for about 2 hours.


Wow, you were right. These guys are great!

Aren’t they? Their latest full album, The Kids, is my favorite. And their songs are good with vocals or without. Great stuff.

You got me listening to The Midnight over the last week as well. I love it. I started with the latest album, and it’s fantastic. The song “Wave” is constantly in my head these days.

We are not a sentimental age
On our shoulders is a boulder of a debt we cannot pay
We are not a sentimental age
Diagnosis says I tend to disengage
I’d rather have my privacy, I’d rather have my space
These are just the pills I have to take
We are not a sentimental age

Sweet! I’m so happy other people are enjoying their music. :)

I wanted to love this game, but the monitor resolution killed it for me. I can’t use my normal monitor resolution 21:9 and the screen is so small otherwise. I’m sure there was a great game in here, but the graphics just did me in.

Tried playing this game again from where I left off and boy, the font is too small… the game is too small … and from the dev input in Steam forum, there is no way to make the font bigger. Ugh!!!

You’re too big!

I probably need to play in my old Pentium notebook or something. Or maybe hook up that CRT screen.

Try playing at 720p ?

I tried that and it does help, lol.

But playing at 1080p on my 43" 4k screen does! So get a bigger monitor, then play at quarter resolution, and fullscreen .