32-inch 1080p TV as monitor

Looking at the specs it can accept a 1080p signal, but would then have to downsample it to match the native resolution.

EDIT: Roger has faster fingers than me …

Also, he said it’s three years old, so I doubt he’ll be able to return it. A lot of 720p sets had 1080p stickers back then because they could accept those signals, which was a feature at the time, not necessarily deceptive advertising. Not all 720p sets could handle 1080p input.

Your 360 hasn’t been running at 1080p 1:1 pixel even if you did have a proper 1080p TV since games are upsampled from 720p.

If yours is 3 years old, it likely doesn’t have the issue I’m referring to, but I’m talking about the TV’s settings. The newer sets tend to have lots of different processing modes that are supposed to take the framerate of the video signal and adapt it to a higher refresh rate in the TV in an attempt to make things look more fluid. Some of them do it well while some of them just make video look odd. I personally think it looks weird on every set I’ve seen.

You’re right to feel that way, because you haven’t.

You’re also right to feel angry. You purchased a TV on the basis of deliberately misleading advertising.

Scream bloody murder at the store you bought it at. Perhaps they’ll take it back and let you buy a real 1080p resolution TV.

I seriously doubt any store is going to take back a 3 year old TV just because someone didn’t completely understand the specs. And yes, they’re often somehwat misleading, especially in the early years of 1080p sets, but they still all say exactly what you’re getting because they have to. Just like how there’s a difference between TVs that say “HDTV” and ones that say “HDTV Ready”, there might be a bit of personal effort needed to figure out exactly what the TV’s capable. Now, if a salesman told him specifically that the TV displays full 1080p, then yes throw a fit. But again, 3 years is quite a long time.

Yeah, I don’t have any illusions about returning it.

My man room currently is relatively small, but I’ve got it set up with a desk and a PC in one corner, and along another wall I have an easy chair pointed at a TV which is hooked up to consoles. I have it this way largely because I like to sit at a desk to play PC games, but lounge back in comfort for console games.

I had originally thought that, rather than get a new 24" monitor, hey! I’ll just move the TV over, and try to re-organize the room so that everyone points at the same place (the desk).

But now the idea of sitting at a PC which is showing 720p on such a big screen just bugs me.

So the question now is, do I:

  • pay $250 to get a new 24" monitor and leave the old TV where it is for console games?
  • pay $500+ for a new TV, and sell the old one on craigslist to try to offset some of the extra cost (It’s quite well maintained). And then use that for everything.

I’m still not sure which I’d prefer. I like the idea of playing PC games on a big screen…but perhaps just getting a good monitor would be the better option for something so up close.

Do you have a video card capable of driving 1920x1080 not in 2D but in 3D with detail on?

Yes - right now I’ve got an ATI HD 5770.

I’d do the latter option. Here’s a nice Samsung 32" 1080P for $500 shipped.


Why not enjoy the best of both worlds for all your gaming needs?

I have this Sharp LC32GP3UR and it’s awesome.

What do you guys think of these models?



Are there any specs on that list which jump out as warning symbols to you? Seems like it’s got most everything I need.

Any TV you research, you should also google search the words “xbox” or “rock band” with the model number to see if you get any hits regarding input lag.

apparently, the LG is pretty good according to Mr. JJ here. The only TV in the shop he went to that did not exhibit input lag.

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