360 analog audio output incredibly loud

(Fine, you touchy bastards.)

I’ve taken my old 5.1 analog system (3 jacks, front, back, and center/subwoofer), and with no amplification at all the thing is incredibly loud when plugged into the 360.

Is there a 360 volume output option I’m missing somewhere?

Does your 5.1 analog system have a volume control?

I don’t actually understand how you’re connecting 6 audio inputs to the xbox 360’s 2 audio outputs.

I’d like to know how he does it, too. If he’s actually gotten his hands on the
mythical Dolby/DTS-to-analog-5.1 converters, I’d love to know where.

But if he’s just running front speakers from the 360, chances are the sound
system actually adjusts volume differently in stereo and surround modes.
Small chance, but I’ve heard systems which do just that.

I find the 360 optical output rather loud. I can run the volume for 360 games at almost half what I use when playing movies on DVD. So I just use the volume control like someone else said. : P

Logitech sells a converter for like 8 bucks that does minijack to AV.

My old Logitech 5.1 system includes a left/right to front/rear converter, and the center speaker has a “interpolate left and right, output that” setting. Sounds pretty good, takes cares of the subwoofer just fine.

Near as I can tell, there’s no volume output settings available on the 360 other than the per-game settings (which are a pain - I’d have to adjust for every single game) and the digital output stuff which does me no good.

The problem I’m seeing is that turning the volume control on the speaker set maybe 1/20th of the total way goes from silent to deafeningly loud. It’s like the 360 outputs at 1000 decibels by default or something.

That’s weird. I’ve used the line-out from the xbx360 before, plugged into my computer sound card by way of an adapter i made using a couple parts from radioshack.

The line levels weren’t out of whack the way you say yours are.

Very weird.

Maybe it’s just the finicky amplifier in the set then. Oh well.

That’s interesting… the PS3 also seems to have a much higher volume level in games than in movies. Why can’t they use roughly the same levels?